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No matter where you started your college education, you can finish at Old Dominion University with ODUOnline. Whether you have previous college credits or no credits, we're here to help you find the right program to fit your needs.

Just starting out? Check out these fully online bachelor's programs.

Have college credits? Explore our bachelor's degree completion programs.

Save Money and Earn Guaranteed Acceptance

plusODU Partnerships: We've teamed up with select colleges to create plans of study that will help you seamlessly transfer credits into a bachelor's degree. You can complete an associate degree on campus or online from a plusODU partner school, and gain guaranteed acceptance into Old Dominion University.

Bachelor’s Online Programs

Already have college credits? You may be able to apply them to a degree! If you have already completed, roughly, the first two years (60 credits) of college course work, you can complete a bachelor's degree by taking the upper division (300 and 400 level) courses through ODUOnline.

For full degree programs, we currently offer all the upper division and most of the general education and lower division courses online. Your dedicated program advisor will help you develop a course schedule that works for you.

Degree CompletionFull Program
Business AdministrationYesYes
Business AnalyticsYesYes
Civil Engineering TechnologyYes
Communications Systems Technology (Electrical Engineering Technology)Yes
Computer EngineeringYesYes
Computer Engineering Technology (Electrical Engineering Technology)Yes
Computer ScienceYesYes
Criminal JusticeYesYes
Cybercrime (Interdisciplinary Studies)YesYes
Dental HygieneYes
Elementary EducationYes
Embedded Systems Technology (Electrical Engineering Technology)Yes
Fashion Merchandising (Occupational & Technical Studies)YesYes
General Engineering Technology: Electromechanical Systems (IDS)Yes
Health Services AdministrationYesYes
Human ServicesYesYes
Industrial Technology (Occupational & Technical Studies)Yes
Information Systems & TechnologyYesYes
Leadership (Interdisciplinary Studies)YesYes
Marketing EducationYes
Mechanical Engineering TechnologyYes
Mechatronics Systems Technology (Electrical Engineering Technology)Yes
Medical Laboratory ScienceYes
Nuclear Systems (Mechanical Engineering Technology)Yes
Nursing - RN to BSNYes
Political ScienceYesYes
Power Systems Technology (Electrical Engineering Technology)Yes
Professional Writing (Interdisciplinary Studies)YesYes
Public HealthYes
Real EstateYesYes
Risk Management and InsuranceYesYes
Special EducationYesYes
Technology EducationYes
Training Specialist (Occupational & Technical Studies)YesYes

Add a Minor

As an undergraduate student at ODU, you can choose to complete a minor as part of your online bachelor's degree program.

A minor can help you expand skills related to your major, gain recognition for knowledge in another academic area, or expand job opportunities after graduation.

Not Sure Where to Start?

There's a lot to consider when starting an online bachelor's degree program. Our enrollment coordinators can answer your questions and help you create a plan to take classes in a way that saves you time and money.

We'll also provide a free, unofficial transcript evaluation for any college credits you may already have. Whether you're transferring or starting a new bachelor's degree, we will help you every step of the way.

Early Entry to the MBA or MPA

Thinking about a master's degree in business or public administration? You might be able to save time and money with ODU's early entry options!

As a well-qualified ODU undergraduate, you can start earning graduate credits toward the Master of Business Administration or Master of Public Administration while you finish your bachelor's degree. Both programs are available online!

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FAQs: Your Online Degree Program

There are a lot of options for earning a college degree online, and they’re all different. You're bound to have questions.

Here are some of the most common questions we receive from people considering our degree programs.

  • Will it be easier to take classes online?
  • Are online degree programs less impressive than traditional bachelor's degrees?
  • Will I miss out on the college experience with an online degree program?
  • Will my online course credits be eligible for transfer to another program or qualify me for grad school?

Will it be easier to take classes online?

Attending college classes online may be more convenient, but don’t confuse that with ease of the online degree programs themselves. Every ODUOnline class offers the same academic rigor, same instructors, and often the same curriculum as an on-campus class. You’ll benefit from class discussions, group projects, and, depending on your program, even labs.


Are online degree programs less impressive than traditional bachelor's degrees?

You won’t be earning an “online degree” on your diploma with ODUOnline. Your degree is no different than our on-campus programs; you'll earn your bachelor’s degree from Old Dominion University. Don't forget that completing an online degree program proves a wide range of skills that may set you apart from your peers including self-discipline, technical savvy, focus, and determination. If asked about your education, be sure to emphasize what you learned and how, and tell your employer why you picked ODU. 


Will I miss out on the college experience with an online degree program?

We talk to graduates who have made lifelong friends with their classmates all over the world. When you work with other people on lessons that matter and will benefit you in the future and in your career, you’re bound to form a connection. Plus, you’ll make connections with faculty who can provide guidance in your academic journey and act as future references. 


Will my online course credits be eligible for transfer to another program or qualify me for grad school?

Because every class you take with ODUOnline is the same as a class offered on our main campus in Norfolk, Virginia, you’ll be able to present your credits for transfer the same way. There’s no difference! It depends on the program’s requirements, but many of our graduates from online programs have gone on to doctorate programs at other schools as well as with ODU. The sky is the limit!


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