Military Tuition Rates

Degree Level or ProgramTuition Rate per Credit Hour

Undergraduate active duty military rate

Note: We must be able to verify your active-duty status in the Army, Coast Guard, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Navy using the Servicemember's Civil Relief Act (SCRA) website. Other Service Components, including Reserve and National Guard, are not eligible for this reduced tuition rate.

Navy College Program Distance Learning Partnership (NCPDLP) and NCPACE - Undergraduate courses by CD-ROM$250 (general services fee waived; no online technology fee)
Engineering Management (MEM) by Portable Media$437 (no online technology fee)

Fees are mandatory unless noted above

Mandatory FeesDescription
General Services Fee: $9Paid each semester in addition to regular tuition, regardless of the number of classes taken
Online Course Technology Fee:
$20 per credit hour
For each online course

Additional fees apply for courses taken at main campus. For full details about ODU tuition and fees, click here.