We Can Help You Turn Your Credits into a Degree! 

It's different for everyone, but we'll work with you to make sure we can transfer as many credits as possible to help you finish your degree. 

That's why we offer a free unofficial transfer evaluation before you apply.

ODU Online advisors can help you

Virginia Community College Transfers

If you already have an approved associate degree from a VCCS college or Richard Bland College, you may already be well on your way to your bachelor's degree from ODU!

General College Credits

We'll provide you with an unofficial transfer evaluation so that you can see how your credits may transfer no matter where you studied. We will walk you through the transfer process, but if you're curious in the meantime, this tool lists equivalencies for all courses that transfer to ODU from any U.S. college or university.

Guaranteed Admission with plusODU Partner Institutions

We offer bachelor's degrees with a guaranteed admission pathway. Earn an associate degree from a partner college, and you can gain guaranteed acceptance into ODU.

Military Service Members and Veterans

We have dedicated enrollment coordinators to answer your questions about degrees that complement military training, completing your degree on deployment, credit for military training, and more.

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