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Over 35 years of Experience in Distance Learning
  • Among online students surveyed on their overall experiences with ODU.

  • The most of any state school in Virginia

  • ODU to others

Rooted in tradition but looking to the horizon, ODUGlobal's strong partnerships, accomplished faculty, and expert advising and coaching prepare our students for their next steps. Graduates join a Monarch tradition of excellence, whether they start at one of our community college partners, attend all their classes online, or transfer to our campus in Norfolk, Virginia.

ODU graduates walk across the seal on commencement day

ODU is developing partnerships with educational institutions and business development offices to support even greater student success.

We have created pathways to undergraduate and graduate degrees in cooperation with colleges across the U.S. and internationally. We are also working to support employee development and education opportunities through alignment of ODU courses and programs to the needs of businesses nationwide.

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  • ODUGlobal also hosts live and pre-recorded conferences, professional development courses, and ODU's commencement ceremonies.

  • We're committed to our students and to implementing our academic policies and procedures in a consistent and nondiscriminatory manner. We want to know if you have any complaints or concerns regarding grades, tuition, discrimination, or any other topic that you feel should be addressed. Online and on-campus students are all welcome to voice concerns in either a formal or informal manner.

  • All courses in ODUGlobal programs are taught by ODU faculty. These faculty members are supported by the Division of Digital Transformation & Technology as well as other units in the University.

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