Political Science Online Program

  • Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts
  • College of Arts & Letters
  • Department of Political Science & Geography

Degree completion

  • For students with some college credits
  • Complete at least 30 credits online from ODU

Full degree

  • A start-to-finish curriculum for students to earn a degree online from ODU
  • 120 credit hours

Prepare for political engagement and leadership. ODU's online political science bachelor's program is nationally and internationally recognized for student and faculty achievements.

Your coursework will examine both domestic and international topics. Study American politics, Virginia state and local politics, public law, or comparative politics and international relations.

You can choose to complete a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science degree in political science. Both degrees emphasize all types of research and solidify learning with written and applied student work.

In your political science program, your online courses will include topics such as:

  • American Government and Politics
  • Public Policy
  • International Politics
  • Media and Politics
  • And more

Special topics can be explored in elective classes. Past courses have focused on:

  • Cybersecurity strategy and policy
  • Politics of the civil rights movement
  • Politics of education

This online program combines aspects of American government and critical thinking skills to prepare you for the real world. Meet your career goals and prepare to impact change with this degree program.

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  • To earn a bachelor's degree from ODU, you must complete at least 30 credit hours with us. This bachelor’s program requires 120 total credit hours.

    Your exact course of study will depend on whether you pursue a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science.

    Talk with our enrollment team to determine how your credits will transfer.

  • Access course materials online from any location. Many classes don't have a scheduled meeting time, so you can fit class into your personal schedule. The instructor may schedule assignments and exams at specific times. All courses follow ODU's regular academic calendar.

  • Our graduates find careers in:

    • Politics and government
    • International organizations
    • Law
    • Media
    • Academia
    • The Armed Forces
    • Non-governmental organizations
    • Consultancies
    • Business
    • And more
  • In-state Virginia Residents
    $393 per credit hour*
    Out-of-State Students
    $426 per credit hour

    Active duty military students may qualify for a discounted undergraduate tuition rate.

    These tuition rates are effective Fall 2023 and subject to change. 
    * In-state rate assumes residency requirements are met.

What's the difference between a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Arts?

Our Bachelor of Arts requires foreign language competence at an intermediate level or higher. You may be able to complete this requirement with prior coursework in high school or college, or by demonstrating your competence.

The Bachelor of Science emphasizes quantitative research and data analysis skills. You will take at least one course in statistics.

No matter which degree you choose, you will also develop valuable research and writing skills.

ODU offers a liberal arts education, which is designed to develop graduates who can think critically and communicate clearly. The "general education" courses in our undergraduate programs will give you a broader perspective on your studies and your major.

What is Degree Completion?

An online bachelor's degree completion program takes into account the college credits you have earned at another college program, university, or community college. These credits can come from one academic institution or several, and they should satisfy ODU's lower division general education requirements.

ODUGlobal enrollment coordinators can provide a free unofficial transfer assessment before you apply. They will assess your credits for transferability to your ODU bachelor's degree based on several factors. These include the grade you earned in the class, the school which awarded the credits, and the program in which you intend to enroll.

Students should submit a complete set of transcripts representing all potential transfer credits. They can be unofficial transcripts, but you'll need the official versions when you apply. You'll review these credits with your enrollment coordinator, who will advise you on the remaining classes you'll need to complete your degree.

In order to earn an undergraduate degree from ODU as a transfer student, you'll need to earn at least 30 credits at Old Dominion University in a given program.

Guaranteed admissions programs can shorten the path to your bachelor's degree with ODUGlobal.

Learn More About Transferring to ODU

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Our dedicated enrollment team will guide your transition to ODUGlobal.

  • This program is available completely online, which means you can apply to ODU as a freshman.

    Already have college credits? Before you apply, our enrollment team can provide a free transfer evaluation to see how your credits will transfer to ODU.

    No matter where you're starting, we'll help you succeed from application to graduation.

  • ODU has partnered with the Virginia Community College System and select educational institutions to make transferring easy. 

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