Accelerated Online Degree Options

We know that your work experience or military training may have given you valuable lessons in life's classroom. You may be able to apply your experiences towards college credits. To find out if this is an option for you, get in touch with us by filling out the form below.

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The College Level Examination Program® (CLEP) is a great option to gain college credits for what you already know. The cost of a CLEP exam is much less than a full college course, so you'll save money as well. ODU accepts multiple CLEP scores. 

CLEP exams are available at no cost for most active duty, reserve, or National Guard service members. ODU also offers credit for DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST) scores.

One of ODU's most popular programs is the concurrent enrollment nursing program. Future nurses can apply to enroll at both their community college and ODU's nursing program. In as little as two years, you can earn your Associate of Applied Science as well as your Bachelor of Science in Nursing.

Our online MBA program is an accelerated degree program. Course sessions are eight weeks long, but still contain all the information covered in a standard semester. This means you could earn your MBA from ODU faster than a typical program.

Linked Bachelor's to MBA/Early Start MPA

Interested in getting a Master of Business Administration? Or is a Master of Public Administration in your long term plans? You might be able to save time and money with early entry to either ODU's MBA or MPA programs!

Qualified ODU undergraduate students can start taking MBA-level courses as early as three semesters before graduation. You will be able to accelerate your degree by applying up to 12 credit hours toward both degrees. The entire MBA is 43 credit hours.

The MPA is similar, with early start students completing nine of the required 39 credits. That means you can earn your MPA in as little as a year after completing your bachelor's degree!

Dental Hygiene Bachelor's to Master's

Well-qualified students in ODU's dental hygiene bachelor's program can choose to accelerate to the master's program by taking advanced courses that count toward both the bachelor's and master's degree. This allows you to earn your master's degree in dental hygiene quicker, saving time and money.

Public Health Bachelor's to MPH

Well-qualified ODU undergraduate students can take up to 19 credit hours of MPH-level courses while finishing the Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Plus, up to 12 credit hours will count toward both the bachelor's degree and the MPH.

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