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Will my credits transfer to ODU?

It's different for everyone, but we'll help you find out with a free unofficial transfer evaluation before you apply. Our coaches will work with you to make sure you can transfer as many credits as possible. We also have transfer-friendly college partnerships to help you plan your studies.

Can I register and start classes at any time?

No, ODUGlobal has specific course registration periods. Most courses follow ODU's regular semester schedule, but some programs have courses on an accelerated schedule. 

You also need to be accepted to ODU in order to register for classes. For some graduate certificates, you can apply as a non-degree seeking student. If you are pursuing a full graduate degree, you may be able to apply as a non-degree student and take up to three courses after acceptance while you apply to the specific ODU graduate program you want. 

Will my courses be self-paced or will I have to be online for classes at a specific day and time?

It depends. Some courses are live and others you can access when convenient for you within set timelines. Our faculty work with instructional designers to develop courses in the best format for the subject matter. 

A handful of programs designed for military personnel can be completed via portable media (like DVD or CD-ROM) so service members can continue their education while deployed. 

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How much do online courses cost for students outside Virginia?

Out-of-state tuition for online courses is only a few dollars more than in-state tuition.

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Will my diploma say "online"?

No. Our online programs are the same whether you take them online or face-to-face. In fact, many times they are taught by the same on-campus faculty. Your diploma will say that you earned your degree from Old Dominion University.

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