MEM Course Registration Form

MEM Course Registration Form


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  • ODU's 2023-2024 tuition rate for MEM courses is $623 per credit hour. In addition, these courses have a $30 technology fee per credit hour, for a total of $653 per credit hour.
  • Send all payments, approved TA/GEV forms, and other tuition funding documents directly to the ODU Office of Finance.
  • Monitor your tuition due amount through LEO Online (login with ODU MIDAS ID and password).
  • Tuition is fully obligated upon receipt of registration. No refunds if the student withdraws after the course start date.
  • Student loans, tuition assistance, and/or deferments must be approved before registering for courses.
  • If using student loans, ensure that your selected course term dates fall within ODU regular semester dates.

Submitting Your Registration

By clicking "Submit" you certify that all information provided is correct, you have complied with the registration instructions, and understand and agree with all information as listed above.

I understand that tuition is due within 10 business days upon submission of this registration form.

Old Dominion University Honor Pledge: I pledge to support the Honor system of Old Dominion University. I will refrain from any form of academic dishonesty or deception, such as cheating or plagiarism. I am aware that as a member of the academic community it is my responsibility to turn in all suspected violators of the honor code.

Authorization: If applicable or required by law (i.e. active-duty military members using Tuition Assistance or other government educational funding) I authorize release of my academic records to the United States government under provision of the Family Education Rights Act of 1974 during the period while I am participating in the MEM program. I certify that all information provided is correct and I am in compliance with the registration instructions.