Academic Resources

Find a Tutor or Study Group Online

Tutoring and peer groups are available through ODU's Tutoring & Mentoring Resources. You can meet with a tutor or connect to study sessions online via web conferencing. 

Tutoring is also available for some specific courses. View the current list of courses that have tutoring available.

Additional academic resources are available from:

Visit ODU's Academic & Tutoring Resources Central to explore even more tools!

Students Affiliated with the Military

ODU has services specifically for military and veteran students. Our Military Connection Center can connect you to all the services we have to offer, from financial aid to tutors and academics. To get started, head to ODU's Military Connection Center web page.

Exams in Online Courses

  • Your instructor should provide information on how will you take exams in your online course.
  • Click here to review details about the different types of online exams.

Undergraduate Placement Tests

ODU Writing Center

The Writing Center provides individual tutoring sessions to undergraduate and graduate students. They can help you learn how to proofread your own work, get started on writing projects, and develop a writing process for a paper. Schedule a virtual appointment by calling 757-683-4013 -- be sure to tell them you're an online student so they schedule an online session.

ODU Libraries

As an online student, you can check out books from ODU libraries and partner libraries that are connected through InterLibrary Loan, and the materials will be mailed right to your door. *During the COVID-19 response, physical material loans may be temporarily suspended.

ODU's libraries have a guide to online resources for distance learners. This guide will help you:

Responsible Conduct of Research Training

ODU trains all graduate students in the fundamentals of Responsible Conduct of Research. You must complete this training before you have completed 12 credit hours at ODU. Click here to get started.

S.O.S. provides services to students who experience administrative, academic, or personal road blocks to their success at ODU. Contact S.O.S. if you need help with:

  • an unexpected life event that interferes with your ability to complete your classes
  • finding the right person or department who can help with a need
  • concerns that have not been resolved by another office
  • confusion or questions about University policies
  • a safe space to discuss your concerns

Start here to learn more.

We're committed to our students and to implementing our academic policies and procedures in a consistent and nondiscriminatory manner. We want to know if you have any complaints or concerns regarding grades, tuition, discrimination, or any other topic that you feel should be addressed. Online and on-campus students are all welcome to voice concerns in either a formal or informal manner.

Start here to learn more about University policies, procedures, resources, and complaint options.