Your instructor is piloting a proctor scheduling tool called SmarterProctoring. This solution will let you find a proctor and schedule proctoring appointments in one place inside Blackboard.

The SmarterProctoring pilot is course specific. The instructions below are for pilot courses only. If you are taking an online course in the pilot and one that is NOT in the pilot, and both use ProctorU for exams, you will schedule with ProctorU differently for each course.

How It Works

SmarterProctoring is designed to make scheduling and delivery of proctored exams easier for everyone.

When you access SmarterProctoring for each exam, you will see what proctoring options are available and can schedule your proctored session in the same place.

Your professor will choose which proctoring options are available for each exam. Options may include:

  • ProctorU
  • ODU Approved Individual Proctors
  • ODU-affiliated or other Testing Centers

See the step-by-step guide below for an overview of the process.


How will my exam be proctored?

It depends upon the type of exam and your professor.

When your instructor creates an exam—either written (paper and pencil) or online (inside Blackboard)—they will identify who is eligible to proctor it. This may include virtual options like ProctorU, testing centers, and pre-screened third-party individuals. Testing centers and third-party proctors must be approved by either the institution, your instructor, or both.

Proctors must be neutral people whom the student is not related to, employed by, or in a financial relationship with.

ODU has been using ProctorU to provide virtual proctoring since 2012. For courses in the SmarterProctoring pilot, scheduling with ProctorU and launching your exam now happens within Blackboard.

Is proctoring free?

It depends. Most students will find free proctoring services available. Some testing centers and individual third-parties charge fees.

Costs for ProctorU are still paid by ODU. However, some proctoring options charge Late, Rush, or Cancellation Fees when appointments are added or changed in certain circumstances. Costs are listed on the proctor selection pages when you schedule your session.

What are the best practices for scheduling a proctoring session?

Plan ahead and schedule a proctoring appointment as soon as you are able.

When selecting a proctor consider all the options available to you.

If making an in-person appointment, select multiple proctors when reaching out to maximize your options based on their availability. If you do not receive a proctor response within 48 business hours, follow-up and report the proctor to SmarterProctoring.

Remember to accept and confirm your appointment.

Finally, arrive on-time and fully prepared!

What if I cannot find a proctor from the options available?

In unusual circumstances, you may not have access to a pre-approved proctor. It is your responsibility to find one, but ODU can help with the process.

  1. Identify a qualified individual or testing center based on the list below.
  2. Coordinate date, time, and location of your proctoring session.
  3. Complete this online form to tell us who your proctor is. Approximately two business days after submission, the proctor will be officially assigned.

These are the types of individuals/locations who are qualified to be a proctor:

  • Education Professional — Any teacher, higher education instructor, counselor/advisor, or other education professional. This includes staff at all VCCS school’s testing centers. Documentation required to verify employment.
  • Government Employee — Any person who identifies as Law Enforcement, First Responder, US Embassy, etc. and must provide documentation to verify employment.
  • Librarian — Any person employed at a public library, not located on or affiliated with a college campus, with the title librarian.
  • Military Personnel — Anyone with an active military ID and valid military address, and ranked E-7 or higher. Documentation required to verify rank.
  • Notary Public — Any person who is an active Notary public. Must provide Notary Certificate to verify credentials and be currently certified. 

Step By Step Guide

Access SmarterProctoring

  1. Login to Blackboard.
  2. Select your course.
  3. Your professor may have a direct link to SmarterProctoring in the side bar. You may also click Tools, then SmarterProctoring.

Locate the Exam

  1. Scroll down your SmarterProctoring homepage to locate the exam.
    SmarterProctoring sample exam details
  2. Review details about the exam.
  3. Click "Choose a Proctor."
  4. If an exam is not visible, your professor may have restricted it by date.

Select and Schedule a Proctor

First, choose the type of proctor from those available. Available proctors are based on exam rules provided by your professor and on your student account details. You can sort the available proctors by distance or cost, depending on your needs.

Accommodations: If you have a documented accommodation (extra time, etc.), your professor must add that to your account BEFORE you make an appointment with a proctor.

Follow the scheduling instructions below, depending on which type of proctor you choose.


  1. Click Schedule Your Exam.
  2. Find a date and time based for your exam in the system's calendar. Click Schedule next to the session you want.
  3. Confirm your session date and time.
  4. Click Schedule to complete the process.
  5. When you click Return to dashboard, you should see the session listed under Exams.

ODU-affiliated Testing Center or other proctor types using RegisterBlast

  1. Click Request Session. Click Continue to use RegisterBlast.
  2. Enter the requested information and click Complete Registration.
  3. Click Return to dashboard to go back to SmarterProctoring.
  4. Your exam session should now appear on your dashboard under Exams.

ODU Approved Individual Proctor

When an Individual Proctor replies to your request, you must return to SmarterProctoring and click "Schedule Session" to complete the process.

  1. Click Request Session.
  2. Enter three Preferred Session Times. Click Send. You may request sessions with multiple proctors, to make sure you find one that is available at your preferred times.
  3. The proctors will reply in 24-48 hours with their available date and time.
  4. When you receive a reply, return to SmarterProctoring and click "Schedule Session" to complete the process. You can also cancel your requests with other proctors.
  5. The proctor's reply will show you which date and time they have accepted. If you need to cancel the request, you can also do that here.
  6. Complete the process by clicking Schedule Session, then Continue.
  7. Your exam session should now appear on your dashboard under Exams.

View or Change Appointment

You can view appointment details at any time in SmarterProctoring. Simply login to Blackboard, access SmarterProctoring from your course, and scroll down your SmarterProctoring homepage to find appointments.

To make a change: View your appointment and click "Cancel Session." Then schedule a new session with the proctor of your choice.

Your instructor will be able to see if you have scheduled or cancelled a proctoring session.

Take Your Exam

If you are traveling to a testing center or higher education center for your exam, please allow extra time to park, check in, and log in to their computer.

For exams scheduled in ProctorU:

  1. Log in to Blackboard and select your course.
  2. Click Tools, then SmarterProctoring.
  3. Scroll down your SmarterProctoring homepage to locate the exam and review the details.
  4. Click "Start Session" to begin your proctored exam.

For all other proctored exams:

  1. Check in with your proctor. When allowed, navigate to your exam. Depending on the course, your exam may be launched from:
    • the course in Blackboard, under a specific location such as an assignment or chapter folder; or
    • a third-party website, such as Pearson's MyMath Lab.
  2. After you launch the exam, your proctor will enter a password so the exam can begin.
  3. Follow all testing procedures and restrictions that you received from your instructor. Your proctor will observe you for the entire exam.

Technical Support 24/7

Review technical requirements to make sure your computer or browser is up to date. To use SmarterProctoring, your computer must have JavaScript and cookies enabled. For additional help, email support@smarterproctoring.com.

Log in to your ProctorU account and use the "Chat Now" feature to get support with ProctorU.

For Blackboard issues, contact ODU ITS at itshelp@odu.edu or 757-683-3192.