MEM Proctor and Student Guidelines

Designated individuals who meet criteria as listed in the Proctor Request Form (PDF) may proctor all examinations for the MEM Ashore Program. Students should review the steps specified in the form to complete and submit the Proctor Request Form.

Proctors cannot be related to the student, nor can they be current or future ODU students in the programs they proctor for.

  • NCPACE students: Utilize your command ESO or command designated representative as a proctor. 
  • ASHORE students: Authorized proctors include faculty members, employees at college/university testing centers, employees at military education centers, or military civilian supervisors who provide training/administer exams as part of their duties.

Old Dominion University will mail all exams to the designated proctor after the Proctor Request Form is received.

Completed forms can be emailed, mailed, or faxed to Old Dominion University. The email and fax number are on the form, and the mailing address is listed below.

  1. Identify an accredited institution of higher education or military installation in your vicinity and obtain permission from a qualified representative of that organization to provide proctoring services for your exams.
  2. Download the Proctor Request Form (PDF) and complete it with your selected proctor. A Proctor Request Form is required for each course. All exams for the requested course will be sent to the proctor.
  3. A completed proctor form for each course must be received by Military Distance Learning before exams will be sent to a proctor. Forms can be emailed to, or faxed to 757-683-3106.
  4. After we received your Proctor Form(s), we will send exams and return instructions to your proctor(s) by email.
  5. Schedule times with your proctor to take each required test. You will need to present picture identification prior to testing.
  6. Completed exams and assignments may be returned via email by the proctor.
  7. If exams will be returned by mail, you must provide an addressed, pre-paid return envelope to your proctor. All materials sent by the proctor to the University must have tracking capability, whether by UPS, FedEx, or other carrier. If you want faster delivery, you are responsible for providing the proctor with an addressed, pre-paid overnight-delivery envelope. Mailed tests must be returned by the proctor only, never the student, to the following address: 
    Dr. Kim Bullington, Programs Manager 
    2101K Engineering Systems Bldg 
    Old Dominion University 
    Norfolk, Virginia 23529
  8. You are responsible for any administrative costs that may be required by the proctoring institution.

As an exam proctor, you are entrusted with maintaining the high standards that Old Dominion University has established for the administration of exams. Exam security is of utmost importance at all times. You are responsible for safeguarding all exam materials placed in your care.

If you have any questions or problems concerning the exams, please contact us at

  1. Students will contact you to arrange a time and location to take each test that requires proctoring. The student is responsible for filling out their information on the Proctor Request form, and providing it to you for your information and signature. The student will submit the form to ODU. We will email the exams after we receive the Proctor Request Form, and they will be sent to you, the proctor, at the address provided on the form.
  2. Read all exam instructions carefully and ensure directions are clear prior to test administration. Email us at if there are any questions.
  3. Provide instructions to the student before distribution of test materials.
  4. Request photo identification from the student.
  5. After the student has begun, look at him/her regularly to ensure that he/she is following the instructor's procedures (e.g., if the exam is open book/notes, students may use those items; if there is to be no use of books/notes, students should have only the exam on their desks; etc.).
  6. Please be respectful of the student's need for quiet while taking the exam, and minimize disturbances to the maximum extent possible.
  7. When students at Old Dominion University enroll in coursework, they are bound by an honor pledge to "refrain from any form or academic dishonesty or deception, such as cheating or plagiarism." If you suspect that a student is in violation of this code, contact ODU at At that point, procedures established for Honor Code violations will be followed.
  8. At the end of the exam period, collect all materials that are to be returned for grading. Make a copy for your files, in the event they are lost in the mail. Do not make a copy for the student. Place all exam materials and the student survey (if applicable) in the mailing envelope provided by the student, and mail as soon as possible to Old Dominion University.