Computer Engineering (Bachelor of Science) Sample Online Curriculum

The sample course of study below is based on the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog. This is not an official advising document. It can serve as a guide for how your existing college credits may transfer to ODU. All efforts have been made to provide accurate program information. However, this information is subject to change by the department.

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Lower Division Departmental Requirements

This degree program is available completely online at ODU, which means you can start as a freshman. If you already have college credits, you may be able to transfer them to ODU and satisfy many of these lower division course requirements.

Old Dominion University CourseCreditsNotes
GEN ED. Written Communication3ENGL 110C English Composition
GEN ED. (DEPT) Written Communication II3ENGL 231C Technical Writing
GEN ED. (DEPT) Oral Communication Skills3COMM 101R Public Speaking
GEN ED. (DEPT) Mathematical Skills4MATH 211 Calculus I
GEN ED. (DEPT) Mathematical Skills4MATH 212 Calculus II
GEN ED (DEPT) PHYS 231N University Physics I4
GEN ED (DEPT) PHYS 232N University Physics II4
(DEPT) CHEM 121N/122N Foundations of Chemistry I4
(DEPT) CHEM 123N Chem II lecture3
GEN ED. (DEPT) Information Literacy and Research2ECE 111
ECE 201 Circuit Analysis3
ECE 202 Circuit Analysis II3
ECE 241 Fundamentals of Computer Engineering4
ECE 287 Fundamental Electic Circuit Laboratory2
ENGN 110 Explore Engineering and Technology2
ENGN 150 Computer Programming for Eng. Problem Solving4
CS 250 Programming II3
CS 252 Introduction to UNIX1

Upper Division Departmental Requirements

Course prerequisites are strictly enforced. Please refer to the University Catalog for prerequisites of all courses.

This program includes a minor in computer science.

Old Dominion University CourseCreditsNotes
MATH 307 Differential Equations3*Currently, this course must be fulfilled with transfer credit. Online production for MATH 307 is underway.
CS 350 Introduction to Software Engineering3
CS 361 Data Structures and Algorithms3
CS 381 Discrete Structures3
CS 471 Operating Systems3
ECE 302 Linear Systems Analysis3
ECE 304 Probability, Statistics, and Reliability3
ECE 313 Electronic Circuits4
ECE 341 Digital System Design3
ECE 346 Microcontrollers3
ECE 381 Intro to Discrete-Time Signal Processing3
ECE 443 Computer Architecture3
ECE 484W Computer Engineering Design I3
ECE 486 Preparatory ECE Senior Design II2
Technical Electives12Select four technical courses from ECE and/or CS. Options depend on your area of interest.
ENMA 480 Philosophy and Ethics3Fulfills the lower division Philosophy and Ethics general education requirement.

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This bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 128 credit hours total.

To complete this degree at ODU as a transfer, a minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned at ODU.


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