Academic Technology

Here are some featured academic technologies used in ODUGlobal courses and supported by ODU.

How We Assess Instructional Technology Tools

  • Digital Learning Operations will handle the technology to deliver your live synchronous course while you concentrate on instruction. 

    For assistance during a live class, message the technician connected to your class meeting or call 757-683-3173. For assistance with changes to upcoming live classes, such as providing access to a guest speaker, please email

  • For technical assistance outside of your live class meeting, contact the ITS Help Desk for 24-hour support at or 757-683-3192, or browse the ITS service portal for answers to common technical issues.

    During the course development process with Digital Learning, our staff will also assist and guide faculty developers on the use of instructional technology tools.

Faculty Showcase

Explore the cutting-edge initiatives of ODU's faculty in our Faculty Showcase Event Series, where we spotlight innovative projects developed in collaboration with ODU's Division of Digital Learning. Join us to witness the impactful contributions these educators have made to course development, pushing the boundaries of online education.

Gornto Hall - home of ODU Online

Based on faculty feedback and from attendance at several AV technology conferences and conventions, Digital Learning is researching and testing the latest technology offerings for online higher education. 

As part of these efforts, we will be renovating the Gornto Hall second floor classrooms. Some classrooms will become adaptable studio environments that will be fully customizable to your needs. Whether you wish to stand, sit, or move around the room, our new flexible learning spaces will be able to accommodate your preferred teaching style.

Our classrooms will be more than just rooms with monitors and cameras. We plan to offer:

  • Dedicated demonstration spaces with the ability to capture objects from multiple angles
  • AR/VR/XR environments
  • Transparent e-glass annotation boards
  • Enhanced video conferencing platforms that more closely resemble a real in-classroom collaborative experience for online learners
  • And so much more

When you teach from one of our new state-of-the-art Gornto classrooms, you will receive white glove, dedicated technical assistance from our staff of digital experts. They will take care of the technology behind the scenes, allowing you to concentrate on teaching.

Before a new instructional technology tool is added to our toolbox, our staff assess the technology through a comprehensive exploration. For each tool, we examine and consider:

  • Use case applicability
  • ADA and 508 accessibility compliance
  • Security and FERPA compliance
  • Cost effectiveness of the tool
  • Ease of use