Brainfuse is a comprehensive online tutoring service now available to all students in ODUGlobal classes. This platform offers a wide range of academic support services designed to enhance student learning and success.

To be clear: Brainfuse will only guide students without providing answers. Through a variety of personalized techniques, Brainfuse tutors collaborate with students to help them work out problems rather than offer solutions.

Key Features of Brainfuse

  • Live Tutoring: Students can connect with expert tutors in real-time for personalized help across various subjects, including math, science, English, and more.
  • Writing Lab: Students can submit their essays for detailed feedback, helping them improve their writing skills and produce higher-quality work.
  • SkillSurfer: This feature provides a wealth of study resources, practice tests, and skill-building exercises to support students in mastering course material.
  • 24/7 Help Center: Students can ask academic questions at any time and receive prompt responses, offering flexibility and continuous support.
  • Collaborate: A virtual study group tool where students can work together on assignments or projects, utilizing a shared whiteboard and file sharing.

Brainfuse is automatically loaded into all Canvas classes.

How Faculty Can Support Students

  1. Introduce Brainfuse in Your Classes: Inform your students about this new resource and encourage them to utilize it for their academic needs.
  2. Incorporate Brainfuse into Assignments: Suggest students use the Writing Lab for essay feedback or SkillSurfer for additional practice in challenging areas.
  3. Refer Students to Brainfuse for Extra Help: If you notice a student struggling with course material, recommend Brainfuse as an additional support tool.
  4. Provide Feedback to ODUGlobal: Share your observations and any student feedback about Brainfuse with us to help optimize the service for our university community.

Learn more about Brainfuse for higher education

For questions or technical issues, please contact Brainfuse online or call Brainfuse at 1-866-272-4638. Students may also contact Brainfuse for technical support.

Brainfuse page for Students