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We have so many academic tools to help you succeed, they need their own page! 

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Technical Support

Technical support is available all day and all night, every day of the year.

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How to get started in Web Conference Courses

ODU Web Conference Test Link: Test your audio and video before class

Online Tools for ODU Students

All ODU students have access to these online tools:

  • MyODU: Your portal to all things ODU! Login to find links to ODU services, news and notifications all in one place.
  • WebEx: create your own web conference meetings for group work or study session
  • Box at ODU: up to 50GB of free online storage space for saving and sending files or collaborating online
  • free access to the entire online training library
  • G Suite for Education (Google Apps): free use of Google's G Suite features, including Google Drive and Hangouts


ODUOnline has partnered with community colleges across Virginia, Olympic College and Peninsula College in Washington State, and Yavapai College in Arizona. 

Need a computer with faster Internet access? Need a place to study or take exams? Our partners support ODUOnline students with services such as computer labs, library access, and proctors. We also have ODUOnline staff at most of these locations for advising and student success coaching.

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