How ODU Helps Online Students Every Step of the Way

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Considering ODU for an online degree program? We know it’s a big step and an important decision. You’re probably wondering what the student experience is like. After all, you want this journey to be something you enjoy and feel supported in. 

We make it our mission to help every step of the way — from before you even apply, to after you graduate. Let’s explore what it’s really like to be a student with ODUGlobal so you can make an informed decision about whether it’s a good fit for you.

Robust coaching and advising services

Earning your bachelor's degree online can seem overwhelming. It’s important to have someone to guide you through the many decisions and plans you’ll need to make, which is why we offer robust coaching and advising services.

Before you even apply, our enrollment coaches can answer your questions and help you create a customized plan to take classes in a cost- and time-effective way. They’ll work to understand your goals and help you figure out which online bachelor's degree or certificate program is right for you.

We also provide free unofficial transcript evaluations. This means we’ll review any college credits you already have and help you understand which credits will transfer to help you earn your bachelor's degree faster. 

Then, as an ODUGlobal online student, you’ll have an academic advisor who’s an expert in your chosen program. This person will help you determine your plan of study, adjust as needed, and connect you with any other academic resources that may be helpful to you. Your advisor stays with you during the full extent of your studies, offering ongoing support and guidance whenever you need it.

Flexible and engaging online classes

If you’re considering ODUGlobal, you’re likely interested in an online degree program. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have questions! What will it really be like? Will you be left to figure it all out on your own? Will you actually learn and progress in your field of study?

At ODUGlobal, it’s important to us that our students get the same high-quality education and experience that our on-campus students receive. ODUGlobal students have the added benefit of more flexibility when it comes to class formats, and when and how you do your coursework. There are a variety of ways you’ll take classes with ODUGlobal. Some courses occur in real time, while others are more time-flexible, with few or no live online meetings. And some classes are a mix of both approaches.

Regardless of the format, a few things are consistent across all of our courses. You’ll always have a professor (who you can communicate with 1:1 via email, phone, or web conference), classmates (who you’ll engage with via a range of collaborative tools), assignments, and tests. Certain programs—like teaching and nursing—will require a hands-on component that can sometimes be completed at a physical location near you, or even at your current workplace.

So you can rest assured that you’ll never be alone in your educational journey. Your courses will be as engaging and effective as in-person classes.

A variety of other support resources

We know that supported students are more likely to succeed. So we offer a range of different support resources for our students to take advantage of — both during and after their time at ODUGlobal.

Academic Support: Need a little extra help? We offer a full range of academic support resources, including tutors, study groups, libraries, writing help, and special support for military students and students with disabilities.

Technical Support: Since our classes are online, we offer 24/7 technical support to ensure that any issues you run into with your computer or course software are quickly and efficiently resolved.

Career Support: If you’re taking courses or earning a new degree in order to further your career, we want to help you reach your goals with our Career Development Center. You can take a career assessment, explore job data, get help with your resume, hone your networking and interviewing skills, and learn how to start your own business.  

Keep in mind that your access to career services at ODU doesn't end when you graduate. Once you finish your degree or certificate, we support our students long term via our lifetime alumni benefits. These include career and internship opportunities, access to job boards, membership in our LinkedIn network, and access to our Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Get started as an online student today!

We hope this article has answered some of your questions about what it’s really like to be an ODUGlobal student. The key takeaway is that you’ll have a whole university of support at your fingertips as you progress through your educational journey. 

Have questions before you dive in? Ask us anything.

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