Military Program Pathways

A military pathway is a route to a degree that could save time, money, and effort without compromising academic rigor. 

Our pathways incorporate credit that may be earned outside the classroom through examinations, experience, and/or training with requirements that must be satisfied either at ODU or another regionally accredited school. 

By using a military pathway, a student could start at ODU with a significant amount of credit without ever previously attending college.

ODU has signed pathway agreements for the following bachelor's degree programs. The military pathway documents provide details about required courses and how credits may be earned outside the classroom.

Business Analytics (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Civil Engineering Technology (BSET)Military Pathway (PDF)
Communication - Strategic Communication (BA or BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Computer Engineering (BSComE)Military Pathway (PDF)
Computer Engineering - Modeling & Simulation major (BSComE)Military Pathway (PDF)
Computer Science (BSCS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Criminal Justice (BA or BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Cybercrime (Interdisciplinary Studies) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Cybersecurity (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Economics (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Electrical Engineering Technology (BSET)Military Pathway (PDF)
Finance (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Health Sciences - Health Services Administration (BSHS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Geography (BA or BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Human Services (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Industrial Technology (Occupational & Technical Studies) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Information Systems & Technology (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Leadership (Interdisciplinary Studies) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Management (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Marketing Education (Career & Technical Education) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Mechanical Engineering Technology (BSET)Military Pathway (PDF)
Medical Laboratory Science (BSMLS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Political Science (BA or BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Professional Writing (Interdisciplinary Studies) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Psychology (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Real Estate (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Risk Management and Insurance (BSBA)Military Pathway (PDF)
Sociology (BA or BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Technology Education (Career & Technical Education) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)
Training Specialist (Occupational & Technical Studies) (BS)Military Pathway (PDF)

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Veterans and active duty military service members are welcome to apply for any program offered at Old Dominion University.

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