Why ODU for Modeling & Simulation Engineering?

Modeling and simulation engineering is taking a concept, design or hypothesis and testing it in real-world conditions through tools like:

  • Graphical and mathematical models
  • Virtual reality simulations
  • Serious gaming
  • Computer programming
  • 3D printed models
  • Statistical analysis

ODU offers two tracks in this minor: simulation development and simulation application.

The development track is a good fit for computer science and engineering students who want to gain skills in discrete event simulation development, with a focus on software development for simulations. This can lead to careers in gaming software development, animation, and large scale simulation development.

The application track is a good fit for electrical, computer, or mechanical engineering, mathematics, physics, and computer science students who want to study complex systems through the use of computer simulations. You'll learn the skills to go beyond the capabilities of existing computer simulation tools to model complex systems and study system behavior.