Why ODU for Mission Analysis and Engineering?

Mission Engineering is an emerging discipline in which system of systems engineering (SoSE) tools and practices are combined with the tactical insights of operational planning. The findings are captured in "effects/kill chains" addressed through investigations, analysis, exercises, experimentation, and systems engineering to clearly identify operational needs that can be translated into specific programmatic guidance for strategic programs.

In this certificate program, you'll gain an understanding of the difficulties that are endemic to working with complex, socio-technical systems, or system of systems, in extremely transient and uncertain situations. In particular, you will hone your planning, decision-making, and execution skills to work in transformational environments.

This certificate is designed with Navy requirements in mind as driven by operational needs. You will learn to integrate the Fleet, Technology, and Acquisition communities to create advances in warfighting capabilities across mission areas. Course selections can also be customized for other areas of focus. Contact us to learn more.

You may be able to apply the courses in this certificate towards an ODU graduate degree in engineering or a related discipline.