Registration, tuition, course materials, and exams are handled differently for military students taking Engineering Management (MEM) courses by portable media. 

For questions about who is eligible to take MEM courses by portable media, please check the program's webpage.

Approved Ashore & NCPACE Students:

MEM Course Registration

CITI Training - Responsible Conduct of Research

All ODU graduate students must complete the Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI) seven core training modules in the fundamentals of Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR). The knowledge and philosophy presented in the RCR training can enhance the professional development of all students, regardless of discipline.

You must complete the CITI training during your first 12 credits of enrollment at ODU. The training is free for registered ODU students. Paid CME/CEU credits are not required to successfully complete the RCR modules. Your ODU University Identification Number (UIN) is required to register for the training.

Instructions to register and complete RCR online training (PDF)

After you complete the modules, your student records will be updated automatically. If you have questions or issues, please contact MEM Advisor Dr. Kim Sibson (ksibson@odu.edu) or Military Distance Learning (militaryonline@odu.edu).

Course Registration

A new 90-day term for every course starts each Monday. It is recommended that students register for no more than two courses concurrently. Each course is a three credit hour offering (except for the one-credit capstone course) and may be completed in any sequence. 

All MEM CD-ROM students (Ashore & NCPACE) must register for MEM courses through ODUOnline's form. You will be registered within 10 business days (usually sooner).


Your bill is payable to ODU upon registration. You will be registered for courses within 10 business days of submitting your information on the MEM course registration form (usually sooner).

Please check your ODU email regularly. All information on your tuition balance, payment deadlines, posted payments, and related announcements will be sent to your ODU email account. You should also check LEO Online to verify your registration, find tuition payment deadlines, and make payments.

It is your responsibility to ensure that your account is paid and that all documents (e.g., tuition aid, GI benefits, etc.) are received by ODU's Office of Finance in a timely manner. If tuition is not received when due, you may be liable for late/penalty fees.

  • If there is a problem, please immediately contact the Office of Finance:
    1-800-224-1450 (toll-free) or 757-683-3030, Fax: 757-683-5407
  • or contact Military Distance Learning at militaryonline@odu.edu or 1-800-968-2638.
Tuition ResourceHow to Pay

Using G.I. Bill?
If you are a “non-degree seeking” student, or a first-time G.I. Bill user, please contact Veterans Affairs Services staff at 757-683-4425 or email vaservices@odu.edu.

All asynchronous MEM Ashore self-pay program courses are designed to be paid in full at the time of registration. The cost is reimbursed to you when the VA funds are applied to the zero balance in your student account.

Using Top Up?
To process the TA Top UP, VA Services needs a copy of your TA Authorization form with TOP UP annotated at the top of the form. 

Please scan your TA Authorization form and send it to ODU's VA Certifying Official via vaservices@odu.edu.

Using Tuition Assistance (TA)?
Send all payments, approved TA forms, and other tuition funding (third party) documents with your UIN directly to ODU’s Office of Finance.

Using NCPACE Tuition Assistance (TA)?
Send your approved NCPACE TA voucher with your UIN directly to ODU’s Office of Finance.

Send to:
ODU Office of Finance
Third Party Billing
1006 Rollins Hall
Norfolk, VA 23529
757-683-3030 (phone)
757-683-4100 (fax)

Using Student Loans?
Student loans/deferments must be approved before registering for courses. Ensure that your selected course term dates fall within ODU regular semester dates (term will be indicated on the registration form).


Textbooks and Course Materials

MEM Ashore and NCPACE students are responsible for ordering their CD-ROMs, course booklets and texts through the Old Dominion University bookstore.

Deploying NCPACE students are encouraged to obtain their course materials prior to deploying. Contractors no longer deliver NCPACE DL course materials. 

To order your materials, click here to visit the ODU Bookstore web site and follow these steps:

  1. Click the ENTER COURSES button on the right. (Do not use your UIN.)
  2. Program: Select "Navy College or MEM".
  3. Term: The current academic year should already be displayed.
  4. Division: Select MEM.
  5. Department: Select ENMA.
  6. Course: Choose the number of your course -- for example, choose "613" for ENMA 613.
  7. Section: MEM should already be selected.
  9. The next page will list all course materials for the courses you selected. Click the checkbox next to each item you want to order. Then click the ADD x ITEM TO BAG button at the bottom right.

This book ordering process is being updated! If you need help, please contact us at militaryonline@odu.edu.


All NCPACE and Ashore students are required to designate a proctor in order to complete exams. The procedures for designating and using a proctor are very important. Please share them with your proctor and observe all honor code requirements. 

  • NCPACE students: Utilize your command ESO or command designated representative as a proctor. 
  • ASHORE students: Authorized proctors include faculty members, employees at college/university testing centers, employees at military education centers, or military civilian supervisors who provide training/administer exams as part of their duties. A proctor cannot be your relative or a currently enrolled student.

There are three basic steps to designate a proctor:

  1. Download our Proctor Designation Form (PDF)
  2. Complete the form with your proctor
  3. Email, mail, or fax the completed form to the specified Old Dominion University address/fax number.

ODU will mail exams to the proctor after the Proctor Request Form is received.

Please see MEM Proctor & Student Guidelines for the form and detailed instructions for proctors.

Submission of Materials to be Graded
MEM Ashore & NCPACE students turn in their completed examination materials to their designated proctor, who returns materials to be graded directly to the University by traceable mail no later than 30 days after the term end date (the three-month term selected). Proctors should retain a copy of completed materials in the event that the package is lost in the mail.

Delays and Extensions
If there is a delay or a need for an extension, NCPACE & Ashore students should contact us at militaryonline@odu.edu to request an extension.