ODU COVID-19 Response for Spring 2021:  More Information >>

Exams During COVID-19 Response

To help our students stay safe and practice social distancing, our faculty are updating their exams to reduce the need for proctoring.

Your instructor will provide updated instructions on how to complete exams for the rest of the semester. This includes all campus classes that are moving online and courses that were already online.

In addition, local colleges, libraries, and testing centers may be closed or have reduced access to services. If you already have an appointment to use a computer lab or face-to-face proctoring, please 1) check to see if the exam still requires it, and 2) contact the location to see if their services are still available.

If you live more than 50 miles from ODU's main campus, follow these steps.

  1. Identify the location where you plan to take your exam.
  2. Contact the ODU staff at your nearest ODU office.
  3. Schedule an appointment at your chosen location.
  4. Click #4 below to Inform ODUOnline where you will take your exam.

1. Identify

Identify a location to take your exam:

Option 1: ODUOnline Offices near Our Partners

Our staff have an office and are available for proctoring with these partners. Click on each title for a map and contact information.

Option 2: Partner Testing Locations

You can also use these testing services managed by our partners. Staff at these testing centers are employed by our partners, not by ODU. 

2. Contact

Contact ODU staff at your nearest ODU office to confirm that the location you wish to use is available, even if it is not at the ODU office.

3. Schedule

Schedule an appointment at your chosen location as soon as you know your exam date. "Walk-in" students will not be proctored. When contacting our partners, always identify yourself as an ODUOnline student.

4. Inform

Inform ODUOnline where you will be taking your exam by clicking HERE, so we can send your exam to the correct location.


If you cannot meet a testing center's hours, rules, and conditions, you are encouraged to seek and register a third-party proctor. (Note: Any fees associated with a third-party proctor are your responsibility.)