We offer coursework on a semester basis; we do not have an open registration year-round. (The only exceptions are the Engineering Management courses delivered by portable media to military service members. Ashore students should click here to register for MEM courses.)

Please check the ODU Academic Calendar for important dates including course registration, add/drop/withdraw deadlines, tuition due dates, exams, and holidays.

How to Find Online Courses in LEO Online

  1. Log in to LEO Online using your MIDAS ID and password.
  2. Click on "Admissions, Registration, Student Records, and Graduation Information" and then "Registration." 
  3. Click "Banner XE Registration." A new window will open.
  4. To look for classes, click on “Browse Classes.” Select the term and click Continue. (When you're ready to register and the registration period is open, choose "Register for Classes" instead.)
  5. Select the Subject of the courses you want to find. When you click in the Subject box, a list will appear. You can select from the list or start typing to find a specific Subject. You can also add more than one Subject.
  6. If you know the course number, you can enter it in the search criteria. Leave the course number blank to show all courses in your selected Subject.
  7. To limit the search to online course sections, choose the appropriate Campus:
    • If you live on campus or within 50 miles of Norfolk, Virginia, choose
      UG in Hampton Roads, or
      GR in Hampton Roads.
      Your search results will show both online courses AND courses available at ODU's local higher education centers. To see where the class is held, check the Building in the Meeting Times box, or click on the class title and look under Instructor/Meeting Times. *If you plan to attend class at main campus, even if the class is also online, then choose "Norfolk Main Campus."
    • If you are in Virginia and more than 50 miles from Norfolk, choose
      UG Online Campus in VA, or
      GR Online Campus in VA
    • If you live elsewhere in the United States, choose
      UG Online Campus outside VA, or
      GR Online Campus outside VA
    • If you live outside the United States, choose
      UG Online Campus outside US, or
      GR Online Campus outside US

How Do I Know if a Class Has Required Meeting Times?

Check the Meeting Times box:

  • Live online courses will list a specific specific day and time, and the Building will begin with WC2, WC5, or WC7. You are expected to connect to class at the day(s) and time listed.
  • Asynchronous courses will not have a day or meeting time listed, and the Building will begin with WEB2, WEB5, or WEB7.


I tried to register for a course and I got an error: "Student campus does not match course campus. Registration prohibited. Contact register@odu.edu."
Every student at ODU has a campus code that determines which course sections you can register for. This prevents an online-only student from accidentally registering for a course that meets on main campus. If you have questions about your campus code, please email register@odu.edu.

What if my computer isn't compatible, or I don't have the other hardware (webcam, microphone, etc.)?

  1. You can take classes using computers at a higher education center or your local ODUOnline partner, or attend class in-person on ODU's main campus.
  2. Check with the ODU ITS Helpdesk to discuss what you need in order for your computer run online classes.
  3. If you have technical difficulty during a live class, you can review the class through high definition archives of classes within Blackboard and on the ODUOnline website.
  4. Live online classes often have an attendance requirement. Sometimes a professor may allow you to attend class by watching the archives of live class sessions, but you should NOT assume that this is allowed. Please check with your advisor or the professor about taking a course by watching the archives rather than attending live online class sessions.

Need more help?

We're happy to assist! Please contact your advisor, or email ODUOnline at online@odu.edu.