Why ODU for Elementary Education?

This licensure-only program is for students who would like to qualify for Virginia teaching licensure (with PreK-6 endorsement) but do not wish to complete a master's degree.

You must complete this program in its entirety in order to be recommended by Old Dominion University on the College Verification form for the Virginia teaching license.

* Note: This program is not available in the state of Washington.

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Required Courses

  • 28 credit hours minimum
  • This program has a practicum and an internship.

Additional prerequisites and content course hours may be required. This licensure-only program includes both undergraduate and graduate level courses.  

As part of the course work in this program, you must complete Advanced Classroom Management and Practicum, and the Teacher Candidate Internship.

Online Learning Environment

Access course materials online from any location. Some classes will have regular online meeting times, while others will not. The instructor may schedule assignments and exams at specific times. This program also requires a practicum and internship. All courses follow ODU's regular academic calendar.

Careers in Elementary Education

  • Teaching: Pre-school, Primary, Elementary
  • Administration: Principalship, Superintendency 
  • Special Services:
    • Guidance Counseling
    • School Psychology
    • School Social Work
    • Occupational and Physical Therapy
    • Audiology and Speech Pathology
    • Library/Information Services
    • Special Education
    • Curriculum Supervision
    • Subject Area Supervision

Calculating Cost

  • In-state Undergraduate$374 per credit hour
  • Out-of-state Undergraduate$407 per credit hour
  • In-state Graduate$571 per credit hour
  • Out-of-state Graduate$595 per credit hour

This program includes both undergraduate and graduate level courses.

Rates are effective Summer 2022 and subject to change.
* In-state rate assumes residency requirements are met.

State Licensure

This licensure-only program is designed to qualify students for Virginia teaching licensure with PreK-6 endorsement.

If you live outside Virginia, we encourage you to check your state's teacher licensure requirements before applying to ODU.

Use these licensure links to explore whether this program may help you obtain a teaching license in other states.

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How to Apply

This program is designed for Virginia teacher licensure and endorsement. To enter this program, you must have a non-teaching bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution. More admissions details can be found on the department's web site.

For more information on becoming a teacher, please contact us or visit ODU's Office of Clinical Experiences online.

Meet Your Team

You'll have a dedicated academic advisor for this program.

Contact us if you have questions about admission requirements, transferring credits, or application deadlines.