Why ODU for Public Administration?

If you already have experience in the public sector, ODU's MPA program will provide you with the opportunity to enhance your professional knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance your careers. Even if you have little or no experience in these areas, you can build a foundation for future success with this degree.

This program is designed to enhance your knowledge and competencies in five context areas:

  • Public management processes, including public budgeting and personnel systems;
  • Organizational design processes and behavior;
  • Political, legal, and ethical concepts and issues of public administration;
  • Quantitative and qualitative analysis techniques; and
  • Policy analysis and program evaluation.

ODU's Public Administration program is NASPAA accredited by the Commission on Peer Review & Accreditation.

Are you a current ODU undergraduate interested in earning an MPA? You could earn graduate credits while you complete your bachelor’s degree with our Early Start program.