Early Start MPA for Current ODU Undergraduates

Thinking about a master's degree in Public Administration?

Get a head start with ODU's early start MPA - bachelor's to master's program.

As a qualified ODU undergraduate, you can take up to 12 graduate credits that will count towards the MPA program before graduation. After graduating with your bachelor's degree, you will continue seamlessly into the MPA to complete the required courses. By starting as an undergrad, you can complete the MPA in as little as one year after graduating with your undergraduate degree. The entire MPA program is 39 credit hours, 12 of which can be taken as an undergraduate. 

Entrance Requirements

  1. Complete general education requirements by the end of your junior year
  2. Achieve a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 3.0 or higher at the end of junior year

What Should I Do First?

  1. As early as possible, tell your academic advisor that you're interested in the early start MPA program. They'll help you plan your undergraduate course of study based on MPA requirements.
  2. Apply to the MPA program between your junior year and no later than the application deadline during the first semester of the senior year. Click here for application deadlines.


Visit the Strome College of Business Website for Early Start Details

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