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In this course, you will focus on a specialized area of thermodynamics: the physical properties of moist air as they apply to human comfort. Learn from a nationally respected instructor in the HVAC business as you examine the mechanical control of temperature, humidity and distribution of air mixtures.

After completing this course and all its assignments, you will be able to:

  • recognize the four environmental factors involved in comfort;
  • define psychrometrics and other terms specific to this specialized area of thermodynamics; and
  • create solution schematics for air conditioning processes on a psychrometric chart using mixed air, airflow volume determination, refrigeration capacity, evaporative cooling, and steam injection humidification.

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Online Learning Environment

Access this self-paced course from any location with a high-speed Internet connection. The course includes videos, quizzes, and interactive self-generated projects.

This is a pass/fail course and it does not result in academic credit. To pass the course, you must complete an online assessment with a minimum 70% grade. You will have two attempts to complete with 70%.

How to Register

This non-credit course is offered through the School of Continuing Education. You do not need to apply to ODU to take this course.

The course is available on-demand, so you can apply and begin this course at any time.


This non-credit course costs $199. 

For more information, please contact the School of Continuing Education: cepd@odu.edu or 757-453-6867.