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The Teaching with Technology Award is a means to recognize the excellence of Old Dominion's faculty and their innovative contributions to the quality of teaching and learning through the application of information technology.

Nomination Process and Deadlines

Teaching with Technology Award Recipients
2019Andrew Cohen
David Mallin
2018Josh Wallach
2017Daniel Richards
Robert J. Strozak
2016Rachel Schroeder
2015Helen Crompton
Vukica Jovanovic
2014Declan De Paor
Sue C. Kimmel
Rochelle (Shelley) Rodrigo
2013Richard Landers
Donna Rose
2012Betty Rose Facer
Jennifer Kidd
Kevin Moberly
2011Ali Ardalan
David Basco
Steve Hsiung
2010Shannon Bowling
Edward Neukrug
Liza Potts
2009Karen S. Crum
Kurt Gaubatz
Katherine E. Gosset
2008Lynn Johnson
Joyce Neff

In 2007, the Teaching With Technology Award combined two awards that had been given out since Distance Learning formally began at ODU in 1994. Here are the winners of these previous awards.

Instructional Technology Teaching Award Recipients
2006David Earnest
2005Dwight Allen
2004Don Zeigler
Guoqing Zhou
2002Joel English 
Kay Palmer
2001Thomas Allen 
2000Lynn Schultz
1999Richard Jones
Bruce Pardus
Steven Wells
F.M. "Sank" Williams
1998Walter Deal
1997Diane Davis 
1996C. Michael Overstreet
1995Rebecca Bowers
1994Martha Bailey


TELETECHNET Teacher of the Year Award Recipients
2004-2005Jill Jurgens
Garrett McAuliffe
2003-2004Peggy Myatt
James C. Oleson
2002-2003Gail Taylor
Kathie Zimbro
2001-2002John Keeling
Eugene McAvoy
2000-2001Sueanne McKinney
Barry Gillen
1999-2000Leigh Butler
Joel English
1998-1999Eva Clarke
Jill Jurgens
1997-1998C. J. Butler
G. Richard Whittecar
1996-1997Dianne Carmody
Scott Sechrist
1995-1996Pamela P. Brangan
Charles F. Bunting
1994-1995John Keeling
John Toomey