Prepare to Start Your Online College Classes with This Checklist

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You've registered and it's almost time to get started in your online college classes. Whether this is your first semester with your online degree program or you have already completed some classes and you're an online learning pro, it's worth taking a second to review this checklist and make sure you're starting the semester strong. 

  1. Make sure can log in and have easy access to ODU systems so you can check your classes in the learning management system, access your ODU student email, add, drop, or change classes in LEO Online, etc.
  2. Go over your syllabi for each class. Get an idea of what your instructors want, where to access assignments, and how often you have to engage with modules, message boards, and discussions.
  3. Get your hands on all of the necessary class materials such as textbooks, calculators, even school supplies like notebooks and pens. Don't forget to print materials like PDFs, if you prefer or if it's required for the class.
  4. Take a look at your personal, work, and family calendars and mark important dates like assignments and exams which may require extra time, plus breaks and holidays. Then, take a moment to look at ODU's academic calendar, too! Make sure you know important dates for tuition and class deadlines.
  5. Discuss how your schedule may change with your family and coworkers, if necessary.
  6. Download any necessary software or plug-ins to your computer. For example, ODU students get free access to Microsoft Office 365. If you need help, click here for technical support.
  7. Set up your preferred workspace at home or make a plan to visit a library or education center. Create a designated folder on your computer or in the cloud for classwork so that you can stay organized, and put your course materials in a place where you can always find them.
  8. If you haven't already, double check with Degreeworks or your student success director to be sure you're on the right track.
  9. Make sure your payment schedule or financial aid is all squared away. The last thing you need is financial paperwork breaking your focus after the semester has already started!
  10. If you're just starting the semester, be sure you attend all necessary online orientation modules. Check with your advisor or student success director if you have questions.
  11. Relax! You're going to have a great semester!

Haven't registered for your upcoming online college classes yet? No problem! Here's how you can register for classes today.

Ready to get started taking online classes with ODU? Click here to find an online degree program that fits your interests, goals, and your busy life!

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