Getting Started

As a registered student, you can log in to your live ODUOnline courses with any standard web browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Edge.

You'll need a webcam and a headset (or speakers and microphone). We recommend using a headset to help you concentrate on class.

We want all students to have an opportunity to listen, learn, and participate in ODUOnline classes. To make this happen, we ask our students to follow a few simple guidelines.

Read More About Class Etiquette

Web Conferencing Class Technology

Zoom and Webex technologies are used for nearly all of our online synchronous web conferencing classes. Adobe Connect is still in use for a select number of programs (education leadership, human services, engineering management and engineering technology).

Our live online web conferencing classes give you the ability to:

  • See and hear the instructor and other online students
  • Access class recordings and audio transcripts for review
  • Share your screen to make a presentation in class
  • Stream live classes on PC and Mac desktop computers and on mobile devices with a high-speed Internet connection

Your instructor will let you know which technology your class is using and where to log in. Please contact the department or your instructor for information regarding Adobe Connect.

Get Started in Zoom

ODU provides all students with the ability to have your own Zoom meeting room. To help with your education, you have access to features in the Zoom Pro License, such as:

  • No restrictions on how long a meeting can last
  • Sharing your whole screen or a single application for a presentation
  • Recording your meetings on your computer or in the cloud
  • Features like chat, annotation, white boards, and breakout rooms
  • Password protection and the ability to restrict your meetings to ODU Zoom users

Zoom is a great way to meet online with classmates for study sessions, group work, or tutoring. Your instructors may hold virtual office hours and advising appointments in Zoom, too.

Click here to login to Zoom, download the app, or learn more

Minimum requirements

Zoom is compatible with PC and Mac desktop and laptop computers, and iOS and Android mobile devices. For desktop or laptop computers, we recommend downloading the Zoom client and the latest version of Firefox, Chrome, or Safari web browser.

After you download the app, visit our Zoom Test Link to check your Zoom settings and set up your audio and video devices.

Get Started in Webex

Browser (Desktop or Laptop Computer)

  1. To access class, click Class Access at the top of any online.odu.edu web page.
  2. Then click the current semester launch page link, and find your class in the list of available links.
  3. When you join for the first time, you may be asked to install a Webex browser extension. Click "Yes" or "Allow" and follow the prompts to finish the installation.
  4. If your browser asks permission to access your webcam and microphone, click Allow or Yes.

Supported browsers:

  • Windows
    • Mozilla Firefox, version 52 and later
    • Chrome, latest version (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Internet Explorer 11 (screen sharing is not supported)
    • The Edge browser does not support screen sharing or audio connection via computer. (Audio can be connected via phone.)
  • Mac OS X
    • Mozilla Firefox, version 52 and later
    • Chrome, latest version (32-bit/64-bit)
    • Safari 11 and later (screen sharing is not supported)

Tablet or Other Mobile Device

To join your live online class on a mobile device, you must install the Cisco Webex Meetings app. We recommend downloading the app and connecting to our test web conference before your first class.

For the rest of the semester, you will join your class from the online.odu.edu launch page. After you login with your MIDAS ID and click Join, the Webex app will open automatically.

Optional Desktop App

If you have a slower Internet connection or experience trouble staying connected to class, we recommend using the desktop version of Webex.

When you enter your name and email address to connect to your class, click the arrow on the green Join Meeting button and select the desktop version. Then click Join Meeting. If you don't already have the desktop app, you will be prompted to download and install it.

Select Always join from desktop app

Using Webex in Class

Find and Access Class

The web conference session for each live class starts 15 minutes before the class is scheduled to begin. This allows time for students and the instructor to login and make sure their camera, microphone, and speakers are functioning correctly.

  1. From any online.odu.edu web page, select Class Access at the top of the page. 
  2. Under Web Conference Classes, choose the current semester's launch page link.
  3. Scroll down to find your class, or type in the name of the class in the course search box. The course list will update as you type.
  4. Click on the Course link to open the launch page.
  5. Under Live Web Conference on the right, click the login button, and enter your MIDAS ID and password. Note: You may need to complete two-step verification. Now you should see buttons to access a live class and archives of previous class meetings.
  6. To connect to your class, choose Click to Join under Live Web Conference.
  7. Fill in your full name and ODU email address. If you hover over the down arrow on the green button, you can pick between using the desktop or web application.
  8. Click Join Meeting.

Webex Basics

Meeting Controls

Controls are clustered together at the middle and will automatically hide when not in use. Moving your mouse over the interface will make the controls re-appear. Use the options icon to further adjust your audio connection, if needed.

Webex Meeting controls icons

Use the meeting controls to make different tools visible or hidden. You can mute and unmute your microphone by clicking the microphone icon. When muted, the microphone icon will appear orange.

To adjust your microphone or speaker levels, click on the More Options icon. You can also check for problems in your network speed or software with the Health Checker.

Items under the More Options icon

View Class Recordings

Find your class launch page and click to login with your MIDAS ID.

After you log in, you will see boxes for Live Web Conference and Video Archives. Under Video Archives, click Watch Now and a new window will open.

Main Video Panel

Archived classes can be watched in the main video panel. The most recent class shows by default.

Course Info & Tools

Access a transcript of the class and other information and tools in the tabs below the main video panel.

Archived Classes

View the list of class recordings to find the one you want to review. Click the thumbnail, and then click the play icon in the main video panel.

Transcript Search

The first tab has a computer-generated transcript of the recorded class. You can search for words that were spoken in class to find a particular section of the video. As you type, the system will show you where the word appears in the transcript. Then click the highlighted word to jump right to that part of the video.

Other Tools

  • Course Information: Basic course information, including instructor email address.
  • Contact Instructor: Type a message and click SEND to email it to the instructor.
  • Take Notes: Type notes into the text box as you watch class. To save your notes, type in your email address and click SEND to get them in your inbox.
  • Need Help? Displays ODU’s ITS Help Desk phone numbers, email, and web page.
  • Your Feedback? At times, we may open a survey to get feedback on your experience viewing ODU course archives.

Make a Presentation

  1. Before you connect to class, you should open the application and the content you want to share, like a PowerPoint presentation.
  2. Log into class as you normally do.
  3. When it’s time to make your presentation, click on the up arrow in your meeting controls. This will show you a list of available sharing options.
  4. Choose the specific app (like PowerPoint) where your presentation is already open. Your screen layout will adjust, and you’ll see a note at the top of the screen that says, “You are now sharing [name of application].”
    • When sharing, the meeting controls are located at the top of the screen. They will auto-hide when not in use. Move your mouse to the top of the screen to make them re-appear.
      • Assign: Give someone else control so they can annotate content on your presentation. Note that this does not give them control over your computer.
      • Annotate: Draw, type, and highlight the content on your shared presentation. You can save these annotations as a JPG file.
  5. You can now make your presentation, talk to your class, and even take questions.
  6. When you’re done presenting, select Stop Sharing at the top of the screen. Your Webex screen should now be back to normal class mode. Don’t forget to mute your mic again.

Webex System Requirements


Windows System Requirements for Webex
ComponentMinimum ConfigurationRecommended
Windows OSWindows 7 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 8 and 8.1 (32-bit/64-bit), Windows 10 (except LTSB), Microsoft Surface ProWindows 7 - 64-bit, Windows 10
Firefoxversion 52 or laterLatest
ChromeLatest Latest
Internet Explorer11 (32-bit/64-bit) with Active X enabled11 (32-bit/64-bit) with Active X enabled
EdgeThe Edge browser is supported using the Webex Meetings Temporary Folder Solution (TFS) by downloading and installing a file the first time it is used.
JavaScript and cookiesJava 6, 7 or 8; cookies enabledJava 7 or higher; cookies enabled
System ProcessorIntel Dual Core or or AMD (2 GHz or faster)Intel Dual Core or higher
System Memory2 GB RAM4 GB or higher
Internet Speed1.5mbps download and 786 kbps upload3mbps download and 3mbps upload
Audio/VideoBuilt-in webcam & micHigh definition webcam and Headphones (mic can be on either)

Mac OS X

Mac System Requirements for Webex
ComponentMinimum ConfigurationRecommended
Mac OS X10.9 or laterLatest
Safari1111 or higher
Firefox52 or higherLatest
ChromeLatest (32-bit/64-bit)Latest (32-bit/64-bit)
JavaScript and cookiesEnabledEnabled
System ProcessorIntel Dual CoreIntel
System Memory2 GB or higher4 GB or higher
Internet Speed1.5mbps download and 786 kbps upload3mbps download and 3mbps upload
Audio/VideoBuilt-in webcam & micHigh definition webcam and headphones (mic can be on either)


iOS 9.0 or higher is required to use Cisco Webex on major iPhones, including the iPhone X, and all major iPads.


Webex Meetings Mobile version 9.0 and later are supported, and requires Android OS version 4.3 and later. Screen sharing requires OS 5.0 or later.

Your device must also have a Medium (320x240) resolution screen or higher.

Smartphones with dual core or above processors will be able to send and receive video. Single core processors will be able to receive video only.

Click here for a list of specific Android devices that have been tested for Webex 2-way video

If you don’t have a high-speed internet connection or other needed equipment, we have education partners that offer various services to help you. See if there are any partners close to you. Services vary by location.

Technical Support

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