ProctorU (Direct)

If you are using ProctorU through the SmarterProctoring service, please visit our SmarterProctoring Student Guide for instructions.

The directions below are for classes that don't use SmarterProctoring, which means you will schedule exams with ProctorU directly at their website.


ProctorU is an online proctoring service for online exams available through Canvas. With ProctorU, you can take your exam from any location where you have a computer with a webcam, microphone, speakers or headset, and high speed internet service. ProctorU requires you to install the Guardian Browser, so you will need access to install software on your computer. The cost of proctoring sessions is paid by ODU (excluding any late fees you may incur).

For each exam, you will schedule an appointment through the ProctorU service. At the time of your exam, you will connect by video chat with a human proctor at ProctorU who will check your identity and help you through the exam process. They will be able to see your screen as you take the exam and help with any technical difficulties.

To take an exam with ProctorU, you will need:

  • a computer where you can install the Guardian Browser software,
  • a web cam,
  • a headset or speakers and microphone, and
  • a high speed Internet connection.

ProctorU requires Guardian Browser, which must be installed prior to your exam. Full technical requirements are listed below.

  1. If this is your first time using ProctorU, create an account.
  2. Schedule your exam at least 72 hours in advance. Provide a valid email address and a phone number where you can be reached while you are taking the exam. (If an exam is scheduled late, you will be responsible for any late fees assessed by ProctorU.)
  3. Download the Guardian Secure Proctoring Browser and open the file to install it on your computer. This browser will not permanently impact your computer.
  4. Test your equipment at ProctorU.

Several minutes before your exam is scheduled to start, log in at You will see a countdown timer to your exam time--when it reaches 00:00, click Start Session.

If you don't have the Guardian Browser installed, you will be prompted to install it when the session starts. You will also be prompted to download and run a chat app so you can communicate with your proctor during your exam. Finally, you will verify your identity and be connected to the proctor who will be monitoring your exam session.

This ProctorU video will walk you through the exam day experience including any best practices. For additional information, read this ProctorU article to ensure you are prepared for exam day.

You can test your computer with ProctorU at any time by visiting To test, you will need to install the Guardian Browser first.

At a minimum, you should have:

  • A reliable computer running Windows 10 (or higher) or Mac OS X 10.13 (or higher) where you have administrator rights to install software
  • A web cam with 640x480 video pixel resolution (web cams built into laptops or monitors are acceptable)
  • Speakers and microphone (some web cameras have a built-in mic)
  • A reliable high speed internet connection (minimum 1 Mbps Download and Upload)
  • The ability to allow video and screen-sharing connections to the computer you will be using to take your exam (in Windows, this means having Administrator permissions)

I lost my internet connection during my exam!

Don't worry -- just leave your proctoring window open, and your sessions should reconnect automatically when your internet connection is back online.

If your session doesn't reconnect, contact ProctorU through the live chat function or by calling 855-772-8678. If you try to reschedule your session without contacting ProctorU first, you may be charged a late scheduling fee.

If you are charged a late scheduling fee due to a technical difficulty disconnect, please email to request a refund for the retaken exam.

Can I use other programs at the same time as ProctorU?

No, unless your instructor has specifically allowed you to access software for your exam. Attempting to run programs other than proctoring may result in your session being terminated. Please comply with the technical instructions for your exam by closing any extra applications or browser windows.

Questions about ProctorU?

Find answers from ProctorU online, or start a live chat by logging into your ProctorU account and clicking the chat icon in the lower right side of your screen.

I don't have a space where I can take my exam alone, or I need high speed internet access, or my computer is not compatible with the exam software. What do I do?

If you live in Hampton Roads:

  1. Schedule your exam with ProctorU.
  2. Reserve a space in the Learning Commons at ODU's Perry Library that covers your ProctorU appointment/exam length.
    • Room 2008 can be reserved by one person for proctoring use through the Open Room reservation system
    • These rooms can be reserved up to one week in advance for a maximum of two hours. If your exam is longer than two hours, contact the Perry Library Help Desk immediately after you reserve a room to see if the reservation can be extended.

If you live outside Hampton Roads, contact an ODUGlobal partner to discuss availability of computer resources to take your exam, or contact the ODUGlobal main office.