These instructions are for Navy College students taking programs through ODUGlobal.

Online Courses

Portable Media Courses

Exams are administered by the proctor you or your command designate. Follow the guidelines and procedures provided with your program and course materials, outlined below.

Please make these arrangements early in the semester. ODU must have a valid proctor request on file in order to send your exam.

  1. Early in the semester, identify a suitable third-party facility and proctor. Obtain the commitment of a representative of that organization to proctor your exams at that location. Authorized proctors include: faculty members, employees at college/university testing centers, employees at public or educational libraries, or employees at military education centers. A proctor cannot be a coworker, relative, or current student at any college or university including ODU. Suitable facilities include a college or university, military installation, library, or similar professional organization in your vicinity.
  2. The Proctor Request Form (PDF) must be completed for each class by you and the representative of the proctoring organization and returned to ODU's Office of Distance Learning. Print out, complete, and fax the proctor form to the appropriate number listed on the form. The form can also be scanned and emailed as an attachment.
  3. Clarify the date/time you should take each exam with your instructor. Make an appointment with your proctor to take each required test.
  4. Contact your proctor 48 hours before your scheduled appointment to make sure that he or she has received the test. You must show a picture ID prior to being given your exam.
  5. Provide your proctor with an addressed pre-paid return envelope. All materials sent by the proctor to ODU's Office of Distance Learning must have tracking capability, whether by UPS, FedEx, or other carrier. If you need rapid delivery, you are responsible for providing the proctor with an addressed pre-paid overnight-delivery envelope. The test must be mailed by the proctor only, never the student. With permission of the course professor, completed assignments may also be returned electronically to the professor with a backup copy to militaryonline@odu.edu.
  6. Return completed Navy College CD-ROM exams and assignments using the instructions and forms provided with the exam package to the following address:
    Mail Distribution (Navy College)
    104 Gornto Hall
    Old Dominion University
    Norfolk, Virginia 23529


If you have any questions about finding or securing a proctor as a Navy College student, contact us at 1-800-968-2638 or militaryonline@odu.edu.