Are you a new ODU student? Follow these steps for new students first.

1. Consult with an ODU advisor while selecting your courses.
If you don't have an academic advisor already and you are not near an ODUOnline partner, please contact ODUOnline at or 1.800.968.2638.  We'll connect you with an ODUOnline advisor who can answer questions about to registering for courses in the General Engineering TechnologyHealth Sciences, or Mechanical Engineering Technology degree programs.

2. Register for class.
NCPACE students register through their command. All other students may register through LEO Online. CD-ROM Course Reference Numbers are hidden from public view on LEO. Your advisor will give you the numbers needed to register for these courses.

3. Verify your registration and tuition.
Log in to LEO Online to make sure you are registered for class and that your financial obligations have been satisfied. Although tuition is paid by the Navy for NCPACE registrations, you should still check your account to ensure that it correctly reflects any monies owed ODU. You can email your TA Authorization forms to Or mail your TA Authorization forms to:

ODU Office of Finance
Third Party Billing
1006 Rollins Hall
Norfolk, VA 23529

If you have any questions about TA Authorization, please contact our Third Party Billing team at or (757) 683-3030. 

4. Order your books and course materials.

NCPACE students should check with their NCPACE contractor before ordering materials.

To find your materials, click here to go to the ODU Bookstore and follow these steps: 

  1. Select the "Shop by Course" tab.
  2. Select Your Program:
    Navy College
  3. Select Your Term:
    The term should already show the current academic year. 
  4. Select Your Division: Select Navy College.
  5. Search By Course ID / Select Your Department:
    Choose the designation of your course - EET, ENMA, or MET.
  6. Select Your Course:
    Choose the number of your course -- for example, choose "302" for ENMA 302.
  7. Select Your Section:
    Choose NAVY COLLEGE. 
  8. Click SUBMIT. This will take you to the ODU Bookstore page where you can complete your order.

This book ordering process is being updated! If you need help, please contact Dr. William Gideon at

5. Contact your professor.
Send your instructor an e-mail with some information about yourself and your enrollment in the course.

6. Review the guide written by ODU Online, How to Succeed as a Portable Media Student (PDF).

7. Begin working on your course(s) to finish within the allotted time.
Extensions are possible but must be requested in advance and approved by your instructor.

8. Take tests and exams. 
Follow these guidelines to secure a proctor for exams. Complete and submit a Proctor Request Form (PDF) for each class where you need a proctor. Confirm that proctors have received your tests, and then schedule to take the exams as you are ready. When you take a test, bring a completed Course Assignment Distribution Sheet (PDF). Full instructions for proctored exams are here.

9. Familiarize yourself with the grading policies in the University Catalog.
If you fail to complete the course, a grade of Incomplete will eventually convert to an F. If you have any concerns relating to your grade, contact your instructor.

10. Note that instructors provide feedback by e-mail.
Course materials are not returned to students on a routine basis. If any material does get returned, it will be mailed to the address on file in ODU records.