Placement Testing

Placement tests are used to make sure you're ready for college level coursework. At ODU, placement tests are required for certain lower level math, chemistry and writing courses.

If you have earned credit for these courses through prior college coursework, CLEP exams, or AP exams, then placement testing is not required.

Your degree program will determine which math courses are required. 

Engineering Technology students should use the ALEKS-PPL assessment for math placement.

For all other majors, your high school GPA, the highest SAT or ACT score, or ODU's placement test will determine which courses you need to take.

Math Placement Details

Placement testing is required to register for CHEM 121N. 

Chemistry Placement Exam

Placement testing is required to register for ENGL 110C or ENGL 211C.

Writing Success Placement Tool

If you need assistance or have questions about which placement tests you need to take, please contact your student success director