Admission to the MEM by Portable Media

Admission Requirements

Engineering Management (MEM) courses are available on portable media to Navy Nuclear Power School (Officer) and Prototype (NPS-O/Prototype) graduates as well as those from the Bettis Reactor Engineering School (BRES). If you meet these requirements, you may earn 12 credit hours of experiential credit toward your MEM degree.


If you are not a graduate of NPS-O/Prototype or BRES, you may be considered to take MEM courses by portable media on an individual basis. You must be pre-approved by the program director/advisor, Dr. Kim Bullington. Please contact the MEM advisor at to determine your eligibility.

  1. Go to the Engineering Management by Portable Media information page and submit the contact form.
  2. Within 3-5 business days you will be contacted by a program representative who will go over all aspects of the program and your next steps.
  3. Gather proof of your NPS-O/Prototype or BRES graduation in .pdf format. One of the following document choices is sufficient:
    • joint service transcript,
    • officer data card,
    • fitness reports from each school,
    • graduate certificates from each school,
    • employee evaluations, or
    • DOE certification.
  4. Gather ALL unofficial college and military transcripts in .pdf format.
  5. Direct application/admission questions to or (757) 683-4938.

Once you are admitted, please use the Procedures for MEM Portable Media Courses to successfully complete the curriculum.