The orientation instructions below are for students admitted as fully online students.

Fully online students who have questions or concerns about this orientation should contact Morgan Morrison, Director of Student Success Services for ODUOnline, at mcmorris@odu.edu.

For on-campus students: If you registered for classes on campus (even if they are starting online due to COVID-19), please head to the on-campus Monarch Orientation Information page, or contact orientation@odu.edu, 757-683-3428.

Time to get started!

First, you'll complete the ODUOnline Orientation, then you'll meet with your student success director and register for classes.

Note: You'll need to have activated your ODU MIDAS account to complete the orientation. If you haven't done that yet, visit the MIDAS information page for instructions and a video tutorial. It may take up to 48 hours to fully activate your MIDAS account.

If you have any trouble accessing the ODUOnline Orientation in Blackboard, please contact Morgan Morrison at mcmorris@odu.edu.

Access the ODUOnline New Student Orientation

You will be automatically enrolled in the ODUOnline New Student Orientation within 24 hours of accepting your admission and activating your MIDAS and student email accounts.

To access the orientation:

  1. Log into Blackboard at https://www.blackboard.odu.edu.
  2. On the Blackboard homepage, click "Courses" on the left side.
    Screenshot of the Blackboard homepage with the Courses link highlighted on the left.
  3. Click on the Orientation title to begin!

Complete the ODUOnline New Student Orientation

  • The orientation consists of three modules full of tips, resources, and need-to-know policies.
  • In full, it typically takes 45 minutes to an hour to complete.
  • It is self-paced, so you can finish it all at once or in sections, as your schedule allows.

When you enter the ODUOnline New Student Orientation, you will see an initial Welcome screen:

ODUOnline Student Orientation welcome screen

    The three modules are listed in the menu on the left side. They must be completed in the order that they appear.

    Click on the first module to begin. After you navigate through all the pages in the first module, complete the module assessment in order to gain access to the second module. Each module has several pages, which you can navigate through using the gray "table of contents." 

    Final Steps

    1. After you complete all the modules, click on “Mark Complete” in the menu on the left side.
    2. Update your Student Checklist.
    3. Complete the Orientation Completion Notice, making sure to use your ODU student email address (YourMIDASID@odu.edu).
      Screenshot of the two last steps in the Orientation

    After you have submitted the form, your ODUOnline Student Success Director will reach out to you to discuss next steps, so you can begin registering for classes.

    Technical Help

    If you have trouble accessing or completing this orientation, please contact Morgan Morrison (MCMorris@odu.edu), Director of Student Success Services for ODUOnline, for further assistance.