Why an ODUGlobal Graduate Should Join the ODU Alumni Network

Merit scholars who are alumni gather at an university function. President Alfred B. Rollins, Jr. is pictured at the left.
Merit scholars who are alumni gather at an university function. President Alfred B. Rollins, Jr. is pictured at the left.

There are many great benefits to earning your degree online from Old Dominion University through ODUGlobal, but after graduation, the benefits don't stop.

Once you graduate, you're automatically part of the ODU Alumni Association (ODUAA), which opens up a whole new world of possibilities.

Don't worry if you've never set foot on campus! Because all programs are the same online as they are on campus, you are just as much of an alumni as anyone who did attend class in Norfolk, Va.

It's one thing to be a member, but it's another thing to be involved in the alumni network as the graduate of an online program.

First, let's look at why anyone joins an alumni network to begin with. Is it even worth it?

Benefits of joining an alumni network:

Almost all universities boast about the size and prestige of their alumni network. Of course this lends credibility to the university in question and its programs, but you can benefit as well.

Sharing an alma mater is a great way to break the ice with a connection you wish to meet. Alumni who have graduated in a similar program to yours or who have been working for awhile in an area in which you are interested in finding a job are often great sources for advice. All you need to do is facilitate the introduction, and the alumni network can take care of that for you. The best part is that there are already online and in person events designed for that specific purpose! But that's not the only purpose.

Friendship and Fun Stuff
Moving to a new city or even something like a shift in family life or work hours can shake up your social life. Why not look into your local alumni chapter for something fun to do? Happy hours, sporting events, and other fun local (and sometimes even online!) activities are common among university alumni chapters. Have you ever heard the old adage "more deals are made on the golf course than in the board room?" Here's your chance to tee up!

Discounts and Deals
You might be surprised at all the bargains available through your university's alumni network. Insurance, car rentals, banking, retail, and event tickets are just the tip of the iceberg for most alumni groups. Check it out!

Resume and LinkedIn
If you're looking to add to your resume or LinkedIn profile, your university's alumni association is a good place to start. Besides offering volunteer opportunities, being involved with an alumni network is a great place to practice leadership or project management abilities. It's also a great way to establish professional connections and even potential references for future positions.

About ODU's Alumni Network

The Old Dominion University Alumni Association (ODUAA) has more than 160,000 members throughout the country and around the world. If you graduated from ODU, you're already a member!

The ODUAA supports members, the Monarch community and Old Dominion University, keeping everyone up to date about Monarch happenings and ways to stay engaged. There are several chapters and clubs associated with ODUAA, including several alumni groups in various cities, as well as programmatic groups based on the graduates' major. 

How to get in touch

Get in touch with the Old Dominion University Alumni Association.
Visit odualumni.org
Call (757) 683-3097
or Email odualumni@odu.edu

You can't be an ODU Alumni until you are a graduate! Join our network of proud and successful Monarchs. Explore our online programs and find the right fit for you. Visit online.odu.edu today.

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