The ODUOnline Student’s Guide to ODU Traditions

An important part of any college experience is the traditions of the university! At Old Dominion University, we have popular traditions both old and new.

You’re a Monarch, so read up on these fun traditions and join us if you can!

The University Seal

Old Dominion University graduates have a sacred tradition of crossing over the ODU seal located at the center of Kaufman Mall when they graduate, but it’s about more than a walk around campus.

Legend has it that if you step on the seal before you’ve completed your degree, then you won’t graduate. So if you come to campus, be sure to walk around the seal unless you’re here for graduation- then step proudly!

Ice Cream and Cake

Most ODU sporting events have a very distinctive dance party during timeouts or breaks in the action. It’s been going on for over a decade, and everyone in the stands busts a move to “Ice Cream and Cake.” If you’re ever on campus rooting on the Monarchs, you’re invited to join! The moves are simple and a lot of fun. Watch this video to learn the dance:

So go ahead and practice at home! It’s all part of being a Monarch, and if you have kids they’ll love it too. We won’t tell anyone.

Big Blue’s Belly

Cross your fingers, find a lucky four leaf clover, and rub Big Blue’s belly in Webb Center on campus. Our larger-than-life bronze statue hangs out in the heart of the student center, located right in the middle of campus. On campus and worried about a practicum or an exam? Stop by and rub Big Blue’s belly!

Those are just a couple of traditions we’re proud of at ODU, and if you make it to campus, we’d love to share them with you.

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