The ODUGlobal Advising Experience

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Academic advising is a very common, yet critical, part of your journey toward an online degree. But not all advising experiences are the same. Depending on the school you attend, your advisor could be completely hands off, leaving you desperate for more guidance. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, your online degree program advisor could hover, check in too much, or try to push extra classes on you.

At ODUGlobal, we have a unique approach to advising. We've spent decades perfecting distance learning, and we recognize that helping students get started strong and stay on the right path while they're pursuing their online bachelor's degree program is key to successful and happy students.

Here's an idea of what you can expect from your advising sessions as an ODUGlobal bachelor's degree student.

Our Advisors are Student Success Directors

While academic advising is important, the person you work with through your degree journey with ODUGlobal does so much more. He or she is officially known as a Student Success Director (SSD) and while they will assist you in registering and planning your courses, they also have experience that extends far beyond that skillset to assist you. 

Teamwork Makes Your Dream Work

Our Student Success Directors work together in a team to make sure your concerns are addressed in a timely manner. Everyone takes vacation or has a sick day every now and then, but that doesn't mean your hard work takes a day off. If your SSD is at the beach for a week but you need to make a schedule adjustment today, you can email a shared inbox and get the assistance you need as soon as possible. We make sure you won't get stuck without support. 

Subject Matter Experts

Our SSD teams are broken down by college, which means they specialize in a specific group of programs. They are experts on the classes you'll take: not only when they're available, but often what you can expect when it comes to workload. Your SSD is a program specialist, and besides your professors, they can help you select a combination of classes that will not only fulfill your program requirements, but help you succeed when you start working in your field or get ready for graduate school. 

Changing Your Mind 

Many ODUGlobal bachelor's degree students start with a program in mind, but you might not know for sure which of ODU's 120+ online programs you want to pursue. Perhaps you'll get started, and then change your mind after a few semesters. No worries! If you want to change your major, your SSD can complete the paperwork and arrange a hand-off to your new SSD who specializes in your new program. A similar collaborative approach happens if you select a minor outside of your college major; for example, a minor in psychology with a major in education. Your passions aren't necessarily contained in an academic category so your support shouldn't be either. 

Keeping In Touch

You'll notice that your SSD likes to keep in touch. Don't worry, they won't hover or nag, but they do keep an eye on your performance to help you stay on track. If a new course becomes available online or a program changes, they'll be the first to make sure you're informed. They'll also be proactive about important calendar items like exam periods, add/drop dates, and upcoming registration. Most importantly, they'll tailor their communication to work for you. If you benefit from a lot of check-ins, they'll be there. If you prefer to be a lone wolf and go at it alone, they'll still help with reminders, but unless you need an intervention, they'll let you succeed!

What Happens When Life Happens?

Like we mentioned, most of our SSDs have been at this a long time, and there isn't much they haven't seen. Our SSDs have helped students maintain their academic journeys through moving, military deployments, family changes, medical issues, and so much more. They recognize that sometimes you need to scale back on classes, sometimes it's appropriate to take more, and sometimes you need a break. They'll keep in touch and check in, and can even help you navigate through some of these changes. That could mean recommending community college courses to supplement or directing you toward exam prep material to read while you prepare to resume your degree program. 

Every Step of the Way

You'll meet your SSD when you enroll with ODUGlobal, but did you know you'll have help even before you're admitted? When you get in touch with us either by phone, email, or by filling out a form on, you'll be referred to an enrollment team that can help you: 

  • Decide which program best meets your goals,
  • How previously earned credits may transfer,
  • Navigate the financial aid process,
  • Decide if you're ready to apply,
  • Understand and submit your application,
  • Work out whether ODU is the right fit for you. 

At any time on your academic journey, you'll be able to take advantage of ODU's career development services, which can help you prepare for the opportunities that your degree can establish for you. And, once you graduate, you'll join a robust alumni network!

Being a Monarch means having full support. If you're ready to get started on your goals, we're ready to help! Visit or fill out the form below to get started.

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