How to Get Back to College After Time Off

Woman sitting on floor with laptop and study notes

Whether you’re coming back to school after summer break or a 25-year career, rejoining the land of books and pencils after a break can be intimidating. Have no fear! Take the next steps in your education with confidence.

Read through these important points, and apply to continue your education with ODUGlobal today!

Trust us, there is time.

So many of our online students are amazed at how they can fit in the study and class time they need. Start small: try out one class if you can. See how it works for you, your work demands, and your family.

Everyone manages their time differently, so think about your scheduling possibilities. If you like to have things written down, consider investing in a day planner. If digital is your thing, your phone’s calendar and organization apps can help.

There’s no wrong way to manage your time; it’s all about what works for you. 

We want to talk about it.

You are not alone. While you’re an online student at ODU, you’ll have your professor(s), advisor, and other students to help. We offer support from before you apply through graduation and beyond.

Even if you think you’re sharing bad news, like you need an extension on a deadline or you must take a semester off, we understand and want to help you meet your goals. We’re here for you!

There are exit ramps and safety nets available if you need them.

Don't think of enrolling in an online degree program as an inescapable contract. Plans change! You may decide that your program isn’t right for you, or that you’d rather have a professional certificate instead of a degree. You may even want your credits to apply another way. ODUGlobal provides many flexible solutions that your advisor would be happy to discuss. 

Your family and employer will likely be supportive.

You may be surprised how encouraging your family and your employer will be. An education is an investment in yourself, and often leads to an increase in your earning potential and expertise. Your employer will have an even more amazing team member, and that could mean better business or more output.

On the home front, you’ll be setting a great example for your kids, if you have them. There may be questions or concerns, but again, communication is key! Talk it out. Then be sure to bring up your family's concerns with your advisor.

Remind yourself of your reasons why.

You may have a few reasons why you want to go back to school. Most people have several! Consider it all: the emotional reasons (I want that sense of pride at having finished), the practical reasons (I need this degree to get the job I want), the financial reasons (I will earn more money in the long term with a graduate degree), and even the silly reasons (I look great in a graduation robe). Write them all down, and revisit them from time to time. It’ll help keep you motivated! 

Above all, don’t lose hope. Getting back to school after a break isn’t necessarily easy, but you’ll be surprised how quickly you fall back into the habits and routines of student life. There is always time to continue your education. 


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