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Asynchronous learning via portable media (such as CD-ROM or DVD) offers independent students a convenient way to complete their degree from any location on their own schedule. These courses are available for approved Distance Learning students only.

Undergraduate Navy College courses available by portable media are offered every semester. Graduate courses in Engineering Management by Portable Media (MEM) start a new 90 day term every Monday.

Before You Apply

Taking courses independently requires strong self-motivation, discipline, and organization. The courses are rigorous. You must stick to deadlines to complete exams and assignments.

Ask your enrollment coordinator for details about hardware/software requirements, internet connectivity, cost, deadlines, time commitment, exams, grade point average (GPA), and other requirements.

Your enrollment coordinator can also discuss:

  • program prerequisites;
  • possible earned credits for previous education or training;
  • the remaining requirements for you to complete your bachelor’s or master’s degree; and
  • the required technology and your comfort level with it.

Once You’re Accepted

Follow our online enrollment checklist to activate your University ID number, LEO Online account and MIDAS account. Your MIDAS user name and password will let you access your ODU student email account and ODU’s learning management system.

Review the Enrollment Checklist here

As You Begin Your Courses

Time management is an important part of this program. Plan on spending 8-10 hours per week for each portable media course you’re taking. Review your schedule to accommodate the necessary time to complete coursework.

Navy College CD-ROM undergraduate students should send instructors an e-mail to introduce themselves and confirm enrollment in the course. MEM CD-ROM graduate students will receive a professor assignment email with contact information after enrollment is processed.

Of course, ODU requires original student work. Click here to review the honor code and the Monarch Creed.

Exams and Testing

Each course syllabus will specify test and assignment requirements and how to submit your work. If you have any questions, contact your professor, ODU advisor, or militaryonline@odu.edu or 1-800-968-2638.

You will need a proctor to administer exams. Schedule exam times with your proctor in advance. Sooner is better!

Exam information for both Navy College and Engineering Management (MEM) students

During the Semester

Review ODU's honor code, the Monarch Creed, and other university policies.

Follow the course syllabus, note the important dates, and set up clear communication with your instructor. Discuss the syllabus, materials, assignments, expectations and testing ahead of time. If you have questions, ask right away. 

If you are facing any type of problem, let your instructor and your advisor know as quickly as possible.

After the Course is Over

Final course grades are normally posted within two weeks after your professor receives all graded materials. Check your grade through your LEO Online account to ensure it has been posted and is correct. Contact your professor and/or your program advisor if you have questions.

Then, please take the course assessment and mail it to ODU in the prepaid, pre-addressed envelope. Your feedback is valuable to faculty as they consider how to improve future courses.


Congratulations, you're done!