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Early in the semester, your instructor should tell you the dates of the exams which need a proctor. If the syllabus is not clear, contact your instructor to clarify the exam requirements and dates.

If you need a proctor and do not live near an ODU office or partner, you are responsible for identifying a suitable proctor and exam location. (Note: Any fees associated with a third-party proctor are your responsibility.)

Authorized proctors include:

  • Faculty members
  • Employees at a college/university testing center
  • Employees at a public or educational library
  • Employees at a corporate or military education/training center
  • Military officers or senior non-commissioned officers

A proctor cannot be:

  • A current student at a college or university (including ODU)
  • Your coworker
  • Related to you (family member)

A suitable location can be the facilities at a:

  • College or university
  • Military installation
  • Library
  • or similar professional organization

If you have any questions about finding or registering a proctor, please contact Anita Wiggins-Bailey at 757-683-3724 or awiggins@odu.edu.

After you have identified a proctor and location, follow these steps

  1. Share the dates of your exams with your proctor or testing facility, and schedule an appointment to complete each exam in the timeframe given to you by your instructor. 
  2. Both you and your selected proctor must register with ODU at https://clt.odu.edu/proctor/. Exams will not be sent to unregistered proctors, and exams will never be sent directly to the student.
  3. Contact your proctor 48 hours before your scheduled appointment to make sure that he or she has received the exam.
    • For students outside of the United States, all exams will be emailed to your proctor. 
    • If your proctor has not received your exam, or if you have any questions, contact Anita Wiggins-Bailey: 757-683-3724 - awiggins@odu.edu.
  4. Bring a photo ID (can be from your government, company, or school) to your exam. Meet your proctor at your scheduled date and location, show your ID, and take your exam. 
  5. If you are a student in the U.S., you must provide a pre-paid mailing envelope so that your proctor can return your exam. You can use any mailing service that provides tracking capabilities, such as the U.S. Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx. If you need rapid delivery, you are responsible for providing the proctor with a pre-paid overnight-delivery envelope. The proctor will mail your completed exam to ODU. You will never mail the exam yourself.

    The envelope you provide must have the postage pre-paid, include tracking, and be addressed to:

    Harry Boucicaut, Materials Manager
    ODU Office of Distance Learning
    104 Gornto Hall
    Norfolk, VA 23529
    Phone: 757-683-6188

    For students outside of the United States, your proctor will return the exam by email to Harry Boucicaut (hboucica@odu.edu). (Exam delivery only - DO NOT contact Harry Boucicaut with questions about finding or registering a proctor.)

Please make these arrangements early in the semester! ODU must have a valid proctor registration on file in order to send your exam.


If you have questions or any issues regarding third-party proctors, please contact Anita Wiggins-Bailey at 757-683-3724 or awiggins@odu.edu.