Four ODU graduates exemplify the ODUGlobal spirit.
Celeste Harrell, clockwise from top left, Sally Meredith, Kendra Yates, and Zara Kelly are four notable Class of 2024 ODU graduates.

Every student has a journey. 

This spring, 967 students will complete this leg of their journeys as part of the largest graduating class of online students in ODUGlobal history. 

Throughout the spring semester, ODUGlobal has profiled upcoming graduates and recognized their paths to commencement. 

Their stories—marked by resilience, advocacy and a pursuit of knowledge—reflect the spirit of ODUGlobal, where flexibility and support empower students to thrive. Join us in exploring the stories of some of the inspiring Class of 2024 graduates. 

Celeste Harrell, bachelor's in leadership 

After years of postponing her education for her career and raising a family, Harrell is now set to graduate from ODU. A longtime federal employee, Harrell faced significant health challenges, underscoring the importance of fulfilling her dreams. Encouraged by her daughters, ODU graduates, and supported by the ODUGlobal staff, she found the flexibility she needed to pursue her degree despite ongoing health battles. Read more about Celeste Harrell.

Zara Kelly, bachelor's in human services, bachelor's in leadership 

Introduced to a love of travel from her parents, Kelly integrated her college experience with trekking through Europe. Based in Poland, her asynchronous classes allow her to study on her schedule, whether on a plane, a train or in a café. Kelly’s educational path reflects her commitment to embracing life and learning on her terms. Read more about Zara Kelly.

Sally Meredith, master's in library and information studies 

Meredith's educational and career journey embodies a full-circle moment, returning to her roots in Front Royal where she first discovered her love for books as a library shelver. Now set to receive her master’s, Meredith has transitioned from a decade as a special education teacher to a librarian at Skyline Middle School. Her path was facilitated by ODUGlobal’s flexibility and supportive online learning environment, which was crucial as she balanced education with raising a family and working. This shift marks a return to her initial passions and allows her to maintain her dedication to public education. Read more about Sally Meredith

Kendra Yates, bachelor's in nursing 

Yates' life took a transformative turn following a severe motorcycle accident, leading her to pursue a nursing career. After being inspired by her care during a 57-day hospital stay, Yates completed nursing degrees through dual enrollment with Rappahannock Community College and Old Dominion University. Determined to give back to her rural hometown, Yates is committed to providing quality healthcare in a community with limited options. Her journey from patient to healthcare provider was fueled by personal adversity and a deep-seated desire to help others. Read more about Kendra Yates.