Five Misconceptions About Attending College Online

Man wearing earbuds and studying at laptop

There are a lot of options for earning a college degree online, and they’re all different. But with the advancements in education, some misconceptions have surfaced. If you’re thinking about taking online classes and have some concerns, read this! 

Misconception #1: It’s easier to take classes online.

Although attending college classes online may be more convenient to a busy schedule, don’t confuse that with ease of the courses. Every ODUGlobal class offers the same academic rigor, same instructors, and often the same curriculum as an on-campus class. You’ll benefit from class discussions, group projects, and, depending on your program, even labs.

Misconception #2: Employers won’t be as impressed with an online degree.

The first thing to note is that you won’t be earning an “online degree” with ODUGlobal. You’ll be earning your bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, or doctorate from Old Dominion University.

Secondly, but just as important, completing a degree program online proves a wide range of skills that may set you apart from your peers including self-discipline, technical savvy, focus, and determination. If asked about your education, be sure to emphasize what you learned and how, and tell your employer why you picked ODU. 

Misconception #3: You’ll miss out on the “college experience.”

We talk to graduates who have taken classes or earned degrees through ODUGlobal who have made lifelong friends with their classmates all over the world. When you work with other people on lessons that matter and will benefit you in the future and in your career, you’re bound to form a connection. Friendship and education: what more of a “college experience” do you need? 

Misconception #4: Online credits or an online degree will not transfer to another program.

Because every class you take with ODUGlobal is considered exactly like a class offered on our main campus in Norfolk, Virginia would be considered, you’ll be able to present your credits for transfer the same way you would as if you were attending classes in person. There’s no difference! It depends on the program’s requirements, but many of our graduates from online programs have gone on to doctorate programs at other schools. The sky is the limit with a degree from ODU!

Misconception #5: You’ll never meet your professors.

You may never meet your instructors face to face, but you’ll get as much interaction as you need. ODU instructors keep regular office hours open to communicate with students, and for an online student that might mean phone calls, video chats, or email. It’s up to the professor, but rest assured that he or she is invested in your success. All you have to do is ask!

If you are seeking additional help or advice, your advisor is also available to help. And don't forget: you are a Monarch! That means you’re welcome to come to our Norfolk, Virginia campus anytime along with all the other students, alumni, friends and fans of Old Dominion University.


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