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This is a general schedule of online courses for the online Electrical and Computer Engineering (MS) program. This pattern is subject to change by the department. It can help current and future students plan their studies.

ECE Online Course Schedule
ECE 506 Intro to VisualizationX  
ECE 507 Intro to Game Development X 
ECE 510 Model Engineering X 
ECE 516 Cyber Defense FundamentalsX  
ECE 519 Cyber Physical System Security X 
ECE 555 Network Engineering & Design X 
ECE 562 Intro to Medical Image Processing X 
ECE 570 Foundations of Cyber SecurityX  
ECE 573 Solid State ElectronicsX  
ECE 601 Linear SystemsX  
ECE 607 Machine Learning X 
ECE 642 Computer NetworkingX  
ECE 648 Advanced Digital DesignX  
ECE 651 Statistical Analysis & Simulation X 
ECE 652 Wireless Communications Networks X 
ECE 695 Characterization of MaterialsX  
ECE 695 Topics: Linear Algebra in Engineering  X
ECE 731 Graduate SemindarXX 
ECE 762 Digital Control Systems X 
ECE 763 Multivariable Control Systems X 
ECE 766 Nonlinear Control Systems X 
ECE 772 Fundamentals of Solar CellsX  
ECE 773 Intro to Nanotechnologies X 

Last updated January 8, 2018.


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