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ODUOnline Multimedia Designer Attends Star Wars Premiere

Man smiling at Star Wars Premiere

One of our own ODUOnline superstars had a chance to go to Los Angeles for a star-studded event!

Senior Multimedia Designer Brian Williamson entered two original films into a national Star Wars film competition and won. As his prize, he was invited to attend the red-carpet premier of the new movie, Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Brian works in ODU's Center for Learning and Teaching, which works with on campus  professors to optimize their classes for the online learning audience. He entered two films and won three awards: 

  • Best animation long format
  • Best animation short format
  • Best action choreography

To learn more about the contest and see Brian's video and the other winners, click here. 

Brian has been with Old Dominion University for twenty years, and has worked with ODU's distance learning as it has evolved through the decades. He uses his background in film and animation to not only edit course videos, but also help many departments pave the way in interactive learning.

Brian has been integral working with professors to create animations vividly showing what an in-class demonstration would look like. For example, Brian works on animations that show how a spring valve works for an engineering class or proper patient procedures for a nursing student studying at a distance. His work is essential to helping ODU deliver online experiences that are just as enriching as the experiences for students attending on campus. 

Check out Brian's video below to see his experience at the premiere!