Faculty Learning Series

Dive into a wealth of knowledge with our Faculty Learning Series—an enriching collection of informative videos designed to illuminate the diverse ways the Division of Digital Learning supports and empowers faculty. Explore the services, expert guidance, and collaborative opportunities that await you. Join us in unlocking the full potential of digital education for an enriched teaching experience. A login is required to view videos in this series. 

Video TitleVideo DescriptionVideo Link
ODU Global IntroductionEmbark on the Faculty Learning Series, introducing our learner-focused, educator-centered, and team-propelled approach to digital education.Watch Video
Marketing & Outreach OverviewExplore the dynamic world of Digital Learning's Marketing and Outreach Team, understanding their crucial role in program promotion and student recruitment.Watch Video
Digital Innovation OverviewDiscover how committed teams in Digital Innovation ensure success in digital learning, guiding online programs and creating dynamic educational assets for an enriching academic environment.Watch Video
Student Experience OverviewExplore how Digital Learning's Student Experience Unit transforms online support, providing personalized advising, retention strategies, and efficient course scheduling for academic success.Watch Video
Administration OverviewLearn how Digital Learning's Administration Unit drives success through talent and technology management, strategic financial oversight, and innovative learning solutions, covering recruitment, onboarding, training, and data-driven innovation.Watch Video
Continuing EducationDiscover a gateway to cutting-edge professional development and lifelong learning with the Office of Continuing Education. Tailored programs address workforce needs, collaborating closely with industries and academic colleges to propel careers forward in today's evolving job landscape.Watch Video
AdmissionsGain insights into Digital Learning's streamlined admissions process, emphasizing inclusivity and personalized support for a smooth journey for every applicant.Watch Video
CoachingLearn about Digital Learning's coaching team's unique approach in guiding successful applications, ensuring a personalized journey and fostering a successful educational experience for learners.Watch Video
Online.odu.eduDiscover how online.odu.edu serves as the central hub for prospective learners, dynamically evolving to encourage engagement and seamlessly integrate efforts for recruitment, enrollment, and retention in marketing and outreach.Watch Video