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Old Dominion University continues to be a pioneer in distance learning. Our expertise predates the internet, starting in the mid-1980s with courses offered on U.S. Navy ships deployed around the globe. Since those first pieces of portable media, we've grown into a robust program supporting Old Dominion University's academics for students all over the country and abroad.

Humble Beginnings

Our original satellite delivery program, TELETECHNET, began in 1994. It was part of a partnership with the Virginia Community College System (VCCS) to provide higher education to students at a distance. This was, and continues to be, especially important in areas with limited educational opportunities. TELETECHNET used satellites to transmit broadcasts from the main campus in Norfolk, Virginia to partner sites around the country in the form of interactive television.

The Programs Grow

In 2010, the University presented the Office of Distance Learning with a challenge. ODU wished to expand online degree programs that didn't require live attendance. We encouraged departments and faculty to develop programs online. We also began the transition to video streaming and web conferencing.

Goodnight Satellites

In fall 2014, we said goodbye to our satellite system. All programs that had been broadcast via satellite were now available online, and new programs were being developed to expand our offerings.

Partners in Success

Our partnership with VCCS remains valuable in meeting the needs of our students. Many partners allow students to seamlessly transfer to ODU to finish their bachelor's degree--saving them time and money. In addition, partners provide access to computer labs, library services, and more.

Reach Around the World

Our current learning network includes over 50 partners throughout Virginia and around the country, some as far as Arizona and Washington State. Our population includes international students around the world, and while the class format has changed over the years, we still have a large number of students studying on U.S. Navy ships at sea.

Satisfied Students

Old Dominion’s continued commitment to quality results in satisfied students. 97% of ODUOnline students report in a recent survey that they were satisfied or very satisfied with their ODU experience.


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