Leadership and Student Involvement

Course Video Archives

  • What Work Experience?
    Duration: 00:44:53
    Date Uploaded: Apr-15-15
  • Allyship in Action
    Duration: 00:53:51
    Date Uploaded: Apr-01-15
  • Citizenship Workshop
    Duration: 00:52:35
    Date Uploaded: Mar-18-15
  • Leadership Transition
    Duration: 00:50:54
    Date Uploaded: Feb-25-15
  • Meal Time Etiquette
    Duration: 01:01:41
    Date Uploaded: Feb-11-15
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader - Part 3
    Duration: 01:42:09
    Date Uploaded: Jan-28-15
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader - Part 2
    Duration: 01:53:18
    Date Uploaded: Jan-21-15
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader - Part 1
    Duration: 01:42:33
    Date Uploaded: Jan-14-15
  • Strong Leadership Demands Soft Skills
    Duration: 01:01:32
    Date Uploaded: Nov-19-14
  • The Emotionally Intelligent Leader
    Duration: 01:04:30
    Date Uploaded: Nov-12-14
  • Collaborative Success
    Duration: 00:39:03
    Date Uploaded: Nov-05-14
  • Discovering Leadership
    Duration: 00:54:59
    Date Uploaded: Oct-22-14
  • Difference Matters: A Commitment to Change and Inclusivity
    Duration: 01:35:00
    Date Uploaded: Oct-08-14
  • Difficult Dialogue
    Duration: 00:51:46
    Date Uploaded: Sep-24-14
  • Leadership Lecture Series: Change Agents..Shaping a Better World Today
    Duration: 00:53:17
    Date Uploaded: Apr-03-14
  • Advisor Development: Advisors Rights and Responsibilities
    Duration: 01:15:33
    Date Uploaded: Mar-28-14
  • Advisor Development: Role of the Advisor
    Duration: 00:55:02
    Date Uploaded: Feb-11-14
  • Student Leadership Speaker Joshua Fredenburg: Are you Leading With Love?
    Duration: 00:54:10
    Date Uploaded: Oct-01-13

Leadership and Student Involvement provides experiences, services and opportunities that promote the advancement of social and intellectual
development. By encouraging student involvement, the office promotes life-long learning, responsible citizenship and a commitment to
the Monarch and surrounding communities.

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