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Cybercrime (Interdisciplinary Studies) (Bachelor of Science) Sample Online Curriculum

The sample course of study below is based on the 2019-2020 Undergraduate Catalog. This is not an official advising document. It can serve as a guide for how your existing college credits may transfer to ODU. All efforts have been made to provide accurate program information. However, this information is subject to change by the department.

This is a degree completion program, which means you should already have college credits for the lower division coursework.

Our online enrollment coordinators can provide a free unofficial transfer evaluation before you apply to ODU. Official review of your student records happens when you apply to and are admitted to ODU.

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Lower Division General Education Courses

These courses are specific to the Cybercrime IDS degree. Additional lower division general education courses are required to earn a bachelor's degree from ODU.

Old Dominion University CourseCreditsNotes
GEN ED. Written Communication3ENGL 110C English Composition
GEN ED. (DEPT) Written Communication II3ENGL 231C recommended
GEN. ED. (DEPT) Mathematical Skills3MATH 102M/103M or higher
GEN ED. (DEPT) Mathematics3MATH 102M/103M required. STAT 130M recommended. Some upper division courses may have prerequisites above 102M/103M.

Major Courses

Some courses may have prerequisites that require advanced math beyond the lower division math requirements.

Old Dominion University CourseCreditsNotes
IDS 300W Interdisciplinary Theory and Concepts3
CYSE 368 Cybersecurity Internship or CYSE 494 Entrepreneurship in Cybersecurity3CYSE 368 requires 150 hours of volunteer work
IDS 493 Interdisciplinary Studies Electronic Portfolio Project3
CRJS 215S Introduction to Criminology3
CRJS 222 The Criminal Justice System3
SOC 337 Introduction to Social Research3
Two additional criminology courses6Choose from: CRJS 320, 323, 340, 344, 415, 421, 462; or CYSE 300/400-level electives
CRJS 405 Cybercrime and Cybersecurity3
CYSE/CRJS 406 Cyber Law3
CYSE 407 Digital Forensics3
PHIL 290G Philosophy of Digital Culture or PHIL 355E Cybersecurity Ethics3
Three technical base courses9Choose from: IT/CYSE 200T, IT 205, IT 360T, CS 150, CYSE 250, or CYSE 300
Two technical base courses6Choose from: CS 170, CS 250, CYSE 301, IT 315, IT 325, IT 450, or ECE 355


Upper-Division General Education Requirement

  • Option A. An approved minor, second degree or second major (12 credit hours minimum)
  • Option B. Interdisciplinary Minor (12 credit hours)
  • Option C. International business and regional courses or an approved certification program, such as teaching licensure.
  • Option D. Two upper division courses from outside the College of Arts and Letters, or two upper division courses not required by the major from the Arts and Humanities Component. (6 credit hours)


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This bachelor's degree requires a minimum of 120 credit hours total.

To complete this degree at ODU as a transfer, a minimum of 30 credit hours must be earned at ODU.


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