We recommend downloading and testing the desktop app at the same time by logging in to ODU’s Test Web Conference. This test conference is always open, so you can connect at any time.

  1. From any page on the online.odu.edu website, select Class Access from the top of the page.
  2. Under Web Conference Courses, click Web Conference Class Test.
  3. The next page is similar to what your course launch page will look like. Click the login button, and enter your MIDAS ID and passwordNote: You may need to complete two-step verification.
  4. To connect to the test, choose Click to Join.
  5. Fill in your full name and email address. Then hover over the down arrow on the green button. Choose Join from Desktop App.
    Select Always join from desktop app
  6. Click Join Meeting. If it is your first time using the desktop application, you’ll be asked to download and/or install the WebEx app. Follow the on-screen instructions to download or accept the installation. If you downloaded a file, click the file in your downloads folder to run the application.
  7. After it is installed, the Test Conference will open in the desktop application.

Testing Audio and Video

  1. Under Select Audio Connection, choose Call Using Computer from the drop-down options.
  2. Next, choose your speaker and microphone sources. If you’re using a laptop and you haven’t added any equipment, your sources will likely be Built-In or Integrated.
  3. Test your audio connection by clicking More Options and Test. The test conference has a slide presentation playing to music so you can test your volume levels.
    • Testing your speakers: If you don’t hear anything when you click Test, check to make sure your volume is up and that you selected the correct input. Keep clicking Test and adjusting the slider until your volume is at a comfortable level.
    • Testing your microphone: Say something out loud; if your mic is picking up your voice, you’ll see the levels change below the mic drop-down box. Adjust the slider if your levels are too low.
  4. Click OK when you’ve set your microphone levels.

Now let’s connect your video. 

  1. Webex should automatically detect and display a preview of your webcam under Select Video Connection. If you need to change your webcam source, use the drop-down and choose the camera you’d like to use. The preview will refresh with this new video source.
  2. Once you’ve selected your video source, click Connect Audio and Video. You should now hear background music in the test conference. Your video will display in the lower right corner of the main panel.
    • Meeting controls are located at the middle of the main panel and will automatically hide when not in use. Moving your mouse over the interface will make the controls re-appear. If you need to adjust your audio connection further, click on the three dots and choose Audio Connection.

Important: Mute your microphone in class when you’re not speaking. You can do this by clicking on the microphone icon in the meeting controls, or by clicking the microphone that will appear next to your name in the participant roster once your audio is connected.

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