Install Webex for Desktop and Test

You can download the desktop app and test your connection at the same time using ODU’s Test Web Conference. This test conference is always open, so you can connect at any time.

Video Update: Navigation to Class Access has changed. See instructions below for more details.
  1. From, select Info for Current Students from the dropdown at the top right. 
  2. Under Class Access for Online Students, choose Current Web Conference Classes. 
  3. A new page will open. This is similar to what your course launch page will look like.
  4. Click the login button, and enter your MIDAS ID and passwordNote: You may need to complete two-step verification.
  5. To connect to the test, choose Click to Join.
  6. Fill in your full name and email address. Then hover over the down arrow on the green button. Choose Join from Desktop App.
  7. Click Join Meeting. If it is your first time using the desktop application, you’ll be asked to download and/or install a browser plug-in or add-on. Follow the on-screen instructions to download or accept the add-on. If you downloaded a file, click the file in your downloads folder to run the application.
  8. Once the plug-in or add-on is installed, your meeting will open in the desktop application.

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